July 4, 2008

'Frozen Yogurt': Roundup!

Phew! finally I am done with the roundup of my 'Frozen Yogurt' event! Thank you guys for whipping up such cool, delectable 'Yogurt' dishes! Its surely a treat to all of us...:)
Sorry guys, I have been very busy from past few days, so my creative juices have stopped flowing..*wink*.. No poems this time..!!


1. Angela's 'Strawberry-balsamic frozen Yogurt'
2. Arundathi's 'Yogurt Cake with Berries'
3. Aparna's 'Spicy Whole Masoor Dal'
4, 5. Lathamma's 'Mor Kali' & 'Bhoondi Pachadi'
6. Vidya's 'Mor Kali'

7. Ashaji's 'Dahi Moong'
8. Bhagyashri's 'Boondi Raita'
9. Cham's 'Wheat Idlis'
10, 12. Priyanka's 'Strawberry Smoothie & Mango Maharajah'
11. Deepthi's 'Spinach in yogurt-coconut-chilli gravy'

13. Dhivya's 'Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle'
14. Divya's 'Watermelon Yogurt Icecream'
15. Easy Craft's 'Kadhi Kashmiri'
16. Raaga's 'Mor Kozhambu'
17. Raaga's 'Tomato Pachadi'
18. Raaga's 'Palak Kadhi'

19. Fitri's 'Summber Berry Frozen Yogurt'
20. Hetal's 'Fat-free Frozen Mango Yogurt'
21. Hima's 'Coconut - Yogurt Chutney'
22. Ramya Bala's 'Cherry Frozen Yogurt'
23. Ramya Bala's 'Mor Kolambu'
24. Ramya Bala's 'Murukku'

25. Ivy's 'Mastic Gum Yogurt Dessert'
26. Rekha's 'Banana Orange Yogurt Smoothie'
27. Rekha's 'Apricot Smoothie'
28. Rekha's 'Mango Pudding'
29. Sita's 'Curd Rice'
30. Sita's 'Fruit Lassi'

31, 32. Jayashree's 'Kadhi with Pakode' and 'Mango Lassi'
33. Kalva's 'Healthy Sour and Spicy Buttermilk and Rice Flour Soup / Majjiga Pindi'
34. Kamala's 'Rava Idli'
35. Kevin's 'Strawberry Frozen Yogurt'
36. Kalva's 'Kasuri Metho Aloo Parathas'

37. Lisa's 'Frozen Mango Lime Lassi'
38. Maheshwari's 'Yogurt Biryani'
39. Medhaa;s 'Dahi ji Curry'
40. Meera's 'Yellow Kadhi'
41. Nupur's 'Cool Spinach Raita'
42. Priya's 'Yogurt Cheese of Lebanon'

43. Radhika's 'Thayir Pachadi'
44. Rina's 'Dahi Vada'
45. Shri's 'Yogurt Spinach'
46. Shruthi's 'Bellpepper Raita'
47. Shubha's 'Khiar be Laban (Lebaneese Cucumber and mint yoghurt)'
48. Sia's 'Dahi Batata Puri'

49. Sig's 'Kaalan'
50. Sireesha's 'Mango Lassi'
51. Sowmya's 'Strawberry Yogurt Icecream'
52. Sra's 'Yogurt Gravy with Amarnath leaves'
53. Suma's 'Fruity Yogurt'
54. Suma's 'Maida Pakodas'

55. Renuka's 'Curd Mini Idlis'
56. Swati's 'Cucumber Cooler'
57. Sweatha's 'Carrot Raita'
58. Trupthi's 'Dahi Vada'
59. Uma's 'Baboosa'
60. Valli's 'Mango Lassi'

61. Ramki's '1001 Raitas'
62. Vandana's 'Eggless MW Chocolate Cake'
63. Archy's 'Eggless Banana Yogurt Cake'

Ranjani's 'Ultimate Thaiyar Sadam'

Bharti's 'Cheerio Chaat'

Bhags's 'Blueberry Yogurt'

67. Jan's 'Avial'
68. Jyothsna's 'Dahi Bhalle'
69. Jz's 'Fragrant Yogurt Soup'
70,71,72. SriLekha's 'Curd Rice', 'Moru/Buttermilk', 'Mor Kolambu'

..and lets wrap up this cool, yogurty roundup with Madhu's 'Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie'

I have tried my level best to include all the entries, I have received. For any queries or questions, please leave a comment or send me an email!.


A hearty thanks to Uma for her 'Giant Bear Hug', Priyanka , Hetal, for her 'InspirationAward', Ramya for 'Blogging with Purpose' award and Rekha for 'Award of Friendship'!! thats so sweet of you gurls..:)

Lastly, I am planning to take a short break from now on due to some shift at my professional front. will be back again!! until then, take care and cya folks!

Miss you all for sure..:)



  1. nice round up..so many yogurt dishes to be tried now..

  2. Wonderful dishes and round up Siri, good job sweetheart!:))

    Have a wonderful 4th today and enjoy the weekend. See you next week. Hugs to you!:)

  3. Wonderful round-up.....so many lovely yogurt recipes!!!

  4. Wonderful roundup. Enjoyed it.
    I couldn't see my second entry -

    I am sorry if I am missing something.

  5. Thank you for the delicious round-up, Siri!

  6. wow so many yummy entries. Amazing Siri - way to go girl :)

  7. That's a lot of yummy yogurt, Siri.
    I love yogurt and am happy to see all this.
    See you after your break. Good luck with everything.

  8. Great round up! Have a wonderful weekend

  9. wow..so many beautiful looking ones siri...great job in presenting! like your style girly!

  10. that's a fabulous round-up babe. gonna miss you - don't stay away too long! and good luck.

  11. That's a beautiful round-up, Siri! Best of luck on the new developments, I hope it's good news. Come back soon.

  12. Lovely round up Siri. Thanks for including me at the last minute! Have a lovely break, take care and see you soon.

  13. delicious roundup siri! Well presented.Thanks dear. congrats on your awards.

  14. goood n neat round up hai madamji :) have fun will miss u

  15. Siri,
    wonderful round-up dear..
    enjoy ur break and come back with loads of yummy posts ..
    best of wishes for your Professional Life ..
    hugs and smiles

  16. Thats one well presented roundup. Great to see many delicous recipes at one place. Good luck to you. Congrats on your awards.

  17. Lovely presentation...great job..lots of dishes to try out

  18. delicious round-up siri!! the best to u at work!!

  19. That was a cute roundup Siri..Will miss ur posts..All the best for your new venture..

  20. yummy roundup...so many yogurt dishes. Have saved it.

  21. Siri,wonderful round up!!! Sorry that I missed it.... Have a great time .. and all the best dear .. Looking forward to see you back soon!!

  22. Those are really terrific photos.

  23. Cool Siri. So many creative ideas. Well done. Viji

  24. Amazing round-up, Siri! Take your time settling down and looking forward to seeing you back in action! :)

  25. Great round up Siri, thanks for hosting this event... I missed this round up somehow!


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