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About Siri - The Author. Cook. Photographer. Writer.

Who is Siri?

I am Siri, a 26 27 28 29 30 31 year old, somebody just like you - passionate about food, happiness and life in general. :-)

What is CookingwithSiri is all about?

It was the summer of 2007 and those were the times when nothing worthwhile was happening in my life and 'food' gave me solace and embraced me...and asked nothing in return..It still gives me bountiful love and joy and this blog is a place where I try to share all that with you all :).

All opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine and are not intended to hurt anybody's sentiments.

What does she do for living?

As the day dawns, she works as a software professional at a Fortune 100 company and once the night falls, I become the Chef de Cuisine in her airy, spacious, sun-lit-kitchen, embraced by food that she loves the most.

Is this is a food-blog only?

Not at all..Yes, over time, I have started to focus more on cooking, food photography, event reviews, restaurant reviews and book reviews. though there are some previously posted non-foodie articles that you can take a look at - stories that inspirehumour, food art , articles and other non-foodie posts..

For a complete list of recipes published on the blog neatly categorized can be accessed here. And whenever possible, I do host various food-events and for the roundups done until now, click here.

How often does she blog?

I blog when I find a recipe that connects with me and talks to me.. when I dig into that first bite, my heart either skips a beat out of joy.. or at least brings a smile on to my face...when I know for a fact that dish will be made again and again by me..and hopefully by you guys too.

... this blog is my online 'diary-of-keepsake-recipes'.  Not every experiment of mine in the kitchen is a success, but as Tom Krause quoted - 'There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them.', so I keep trying..

Where does she get her recipe inspirations from?

...from everywhere - my own crazy ideas, cookbooks, magazines, websites, fellow bloggers, pinterest and sources of all kinds...and every time the idea/recipe is borrowed or adapted, it is duly credited to its original author.

Who is her guinea pig ..ahem ahem.. the lucky person who gets to taste everything?

That would my lovely husband, Mr.S who is a great connoisseur of food and next my mother who is THE most amazing cook and a not-so-easily-can-be-impressed food critic of my recipes. They can will have to eat anything and everything I make. and sometimes my lovely bunch of colleagues at work get to taste some of the goodies. :-)

Where do she want you to start browsing?

First of all, Welcome to my blog and thanks for taking time. I suggest you browse through the recipe index and see if you find anything interesting. And if you like the posts here, do subscribe to the blog feed , Like my page on Facebook and follow me on twitter..See you all there.

Just curious, any media mentions or places where your work was appreciated?

There have been a few moments during all these years of blogging where I was given a thumbs up for the recipes and work I published on this blog. They have been duly documented here. :-)

Questions and/or Comments or Recipe Requests

To leave a comment or if you have a recipe request - email me at info[dot]siri[at]gmail[dot]com. I will surely respond to it as soon as possible. Your constructive feedback is always welcome. :-)

Do you have a wishlist? Something you want to do atleast once in your life?

***This is a list in progress..

1. Dine at Chez Panisse
2. Dine at Junoon, NYC
3. Eat and roam on streets of Paris
4. Spend at least a day at Tuscany's countryside gorging on pasta and cheese.
5. Start my own food joint (not a restaurant but something small!)
6. Do a series on the amazingness of  food trucks; interview them, feature their amazing stores and eat fabulous food ofcourse!

Happy browsing and hope to see you back soon!


  1. Beautiful concepts and events on healing foods. Very informative reads. Shall keep coming for more.


  2. I am so glad you liked it here Sangeeta and thanks for taking time to leave a comment :D. Please visit again whenver you find time :).


  3. Hehe. Siri your Qs & Ans r nice n funny! :)


  4. loved the new look Siri. It looks awesome. - Shivani

  5. Shivani - Thanks babes. Sorry yaar. Life has been a tad busy these days. will email you soon. Hugs.

  6. Lovely to be here Siri. Have a very interactive and creative space here. Like the events you host and the write ups for your posts. Hope to hop here often. Best wishes, take care.

  7. 1st time .i think u are creative .wonderful space . visit my site when u get time

  8. Lovely blog! Looks like we have similar taste in food. I love all the Telugu recipes in particular!

  9. hey mama i think this is one of the very intresting blog which i came across.Good work buddy

  10. Thats fantastic list of Menu. A whole lot of Veg varieties to try out. First i thought of not commenting as i would be first Male Cook, but then thought what the heck. Food is food and needs to be relished.
    Keep it going. Will help me impress my daughters with new items every Sunday.

  11. Just a thought, i did not find any non-veg items, is it intentional? or did i miss them?.
    Many Cheers

  12. Thanks Kumar and apologies for not responding soon enough. I am a lacto-vegeterian by choice so all my recipes feature vegetable, diary and poultry.

    Happy Cooking,

  13. I love this new "clean" look :)

  14. I've two words for your blog here- Simple yet profound.

    I love your space here. Totally loved reading about you. Well written and love your humor sense.

  15. Anisha - Thanks Anisha. Your words made my day. :-). Visited your blog as well. <3ed it.


  16. Very well Written! Luv your blogs! n the event one!!

    Your a True Food Blogger!!

  17. Keep up the passionate work everything is soooooo good about your blog
    Especially the Quotes are inspiring

  18. Hi Siri, I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find a food magazine. I loved the photoes and some of the recipes that I glanced through. You definitely have got me as a fan! :) - Rashmi

  19. I was looking for a recipe for spiced nuts and I found your website. Imagine my surprise! My name is Siri too. Good work Siri. :-)


  20. Hi Siri, I have long enjoyed browsing ur beautiful blog and all its lovely recipes! thanks for bringing so much joy to the world of food blogging and even otherwise .Hope u get to do all this things u dream of Cheers! Manjiri
    P.S: for some reason I am unable to post this comment from my wordpress blog id , I get a scary error saying ''URL contains illegal characters'' !

    1. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. :-) When I am feeling blue and keep thinking what's the point of this food blogging, a comment like yours give me the very needed reason. Thanks for that Coffee.


  21. Hi Siri, your blog is awesome! I just followed a recipe of Spaghetti with tomato sauce and fried egg and I was surprised that fried egg actually goes really well with spaghetti! Never thought about it before.
    Keep cooking and posting some!

    Love from Indonesia!

    1. Thanks so much. Spaghetti with Fried is one of my favorites too and I still remember my delight on discovering how well egg goes with pasta. :-)


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