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As the adage goes "Big achievements are made in baby steps".. Well, below are few mentions about my blog, my recipes on web and else where. It feels great when one appreciates your work and this page is a reflection of my baby steps toward bigger things, I hope to happen sometime in future!

[October 5th 2011]

Chile Relleno recipe featured on The Basics magazine.

[October 29th 2012]

Indian Tater Tots was featured on Huffington Post under the article "Tater Tot Recipes, Because They're Good In Everything"

[April 6th 2013]

Mixed Vegetable Korma got featured in Blikki Magazine (April issue, page 33)

[April 19th 2013]

Black-Eyed Pea and Stewed Tomato Salad was featured on Spryliving for the article "Healthy in 30: Salads".

[May 29th 2013]

Vegan Red Beans and Oats Burger was featured on Spryliving for the article "Healthy in 30: Burgers"

[August 8th 2013]

Tangy Green Tomato Chutney was featured on Bon Appetit.

          Tomato sushi. Tomato ice cream. Tomato cobbler. All of these things exist: #tomatoweek — Bon Appetit Magazine (@bonappetit) August 8, 2013

[July 17th 2014] 

Sweet Corn Sundal recipe as featured on Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad edition) for the article "A-Maze Yoruself"

[August 20th 2014]

[August 25th 2014]

[August 27th 2014] 

Dates and Sesame Poornalu recipe as featured in Deccan Chronicle (Hyderabad Edition) for the article "For the god who loved food"

[August 06th 2014] 

An interview (on the right bar below) on my experience of attending Indian Food Bloggers Meet 2014 in The New Indian Express (City Express - Hyderabad Edition). Plus this blog post also won Aloft contest exclusively for participants of IFBM. 

Featured on [July 14th 2016]

Cooking With Siri Recipes as featured on Honest Cooking Food Magazine - 

Mango Green Tea Smoothie (Recipe URL on the blog)
Puffed Lotus Seeds Milk Pudding (Recipe URL on the blog)
Gravied Drumsticks (Recipe URL on the blog)
Dhaba Style Urad Dal (Recipe URL on the blog)
Eggless White Chocolate Chip Cookies (Recipe URL on the blog)
Savory Vegetable Bread Pudding (Recipe URL on the blog) ...and many more! Click here to view them all.

Featured on Foodista -

Foodista Food Blog of the Day Badge
Foodista Drink Blog of the Day Badge

elsewhere.. (click on the images for the photo galleries)

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