September 20, 2015

[Eating Out in New York City] Jack's Wife Freda | NYC Restaurant

This post was supposed to see the light of day many months ago. I blame the sudden move to Bay Area and crazy aftermath for its delay. Now that the humdrum of everyday life is slowly settling in and am getting used to a new routine, I want to talk about this amazing experience with you all. Though it happened sometime ago, the memories of it are still fresh and if I ever get a chance, I want to do all over again with my favorite gal pal K, who also happens to be my sister-in-law and a passionate foodie like me. Her cooking skills are well known in our circle of friends and she also unabashedly admits her intense love for the City of Dreams - NYC. I couldn't have asked for a better buddy to spend my Saturday with and roam around the hustling streets of New York City.

Why Jack's Wife Freda?: For that you need read this TimeOut's article on 12 drool-worthy brunch dishes you need to try in NYC. Instantly, we knew Jack's Wife Freda would be a perfect choice for brunch and is to be definitely added to our itinerary. After some back & forth emails, a jam-packed schedule was planned - starting with Union Square Market, Chinatown, walking Brooklyn Bridge end-to-end and then finally to squeeze in few moments to go to pasta heaven - Eatly.

Jack's Wife Freda NYC Restaurant soho new york

Everything went just as we planned starting with our brunch at this popular restaurant Jack's Wife Frieda. Firstly THE name, isn't it so playful and cute. We arrived at around 12:00 pm and had to wait for 35-40 mins to get seated. It felt like the place is always filled with people (especially brunch) with conversations flying all over the place.

Jack's Wife Freda NYC Restaurant soho new york menu

When we were finally seated, K ordered some Fresh Cantaloupe juice and I went all the way (though it was just 12:10 in the afternoon) with a Cantaloupe Mimosa. Both were really  G.O.O.D.

Jack's Wife Freda NYC Restaurant soho new york Cantaloupe fresh juice
Fresh Cantaloupe Juice

Jack's Wife Freda NYC Restaurant soho new york Cantaloupe Mimosa
Cantaloupe Mimosa
Almost everyone (on Yelp and Tripadvisor) plus Maya Jankelowitz herself, who started this place expressed their love for a dish called 'Green Shakshuka'. Being an ardent fan of eggs myself, I HAD to try it.

green shakshuka Jack's Wife Freda NYC Restaurant soho new york
Green Shakshuka
The Shakshuka is as good as it looks - soft eggs cooked in a green (mexican-mole-kind-of) sauce and served with some warm challah toast. Tummy-happy stuff!

Jack's Wife Freda NYC Restaurant soho new york Mediterranean Breakfast
Mediterranean Breakfast
K ordered Mediterranean Breakfast - scrambled eggs, chopped cucumber salad, labne, avocado and pita bread. I ate some from her plate and it was refreshing with a good balance of flavors.

We really wanted to try few more from their menu like Rosewater Waffles, if only we were not saving our appetite for rest of our NYC getaway.

With so many good options in the city, Jack's Wife Freda is rated as one of the best breakfast/brunch places for a very good reason. The place is cool, hip with friendly service. I have to say though - if you are looking for a quite place to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your sweetheart, then this is not a good option as the place can get a bit noisy with tables placed close to each other. There is even a long communal bench table right in the middle of the restaurant. That said, the food is simple, a twist on classic brunch dishes - executed extremely well.

I am not sure when will I get another opportunity to dine at this trendy restaurant. But am super happy and content that I cab check this off from my ever growing list-of-places-to-eat-before-I-die!. :-)

Jack's Wife Freda 
224 Lafayette Street, 
New York, NY 10012 
Open Monday through Saturday 9AM to Midnght. Sunday: 9AM to 10 PM.

They have one more location at 50 Carmine Street, NY 10014. Visit their website for hours of operation.


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