December 29, 2014

The Top 10 Recipes of 2014

“For last year's words belong to last year's language; And next year's words await another voice.” 
~ T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Another glorious year, with many happy and sad moments is coming to an end. I literally woke at 2 in the morning today to quickly scribble down all the things I want to do in the coming year. Let me list some main ones here (for accountability purposes): (A) To make reading a habit is definitely one of the resolutions of 2015. I finished three books - a good start already there. Isn't it? (B) On charts is also to resume the Project 365 challenge where I will be posting photo-a-day in 2015. Instagram is where all the action will happen. Do give a follow if you wish to follow my photo journey. (C) To make a new recipe each week and a blog post every Monday. To tackle this, I made a couple of recipes and photographed. All I have to do now is sit and polish things up.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's have a look on Top 10 Recipes of 2014, which garnered most attention in terms of hits, comments and media mentions. Enjoy!

Sometimes the most simplest of all resonates with everyone and just like that, unexpectedly it tops the list. this lemony dal recipe is a proof of that. It even got featured on Buzzfeed in their article '28 Vegetarian Recipes That Are Even Easier Than Getting Takeout'

The only reason I made this popular salad of 2014 is that I wanted my mother to taste steamed beets with lemon juice and she loved to the very last bite. 

Disclaimer: Make these cashew nut fritters at your own risk.  Simple ingredients, spectacularly addictive results. 

I am a sucker for rasam, especially in winters when the temperatures dip low and the body craves from something soupy. Amma taught me how to make a lip smacking tomato rasam in 15 minutes and Pedatha on how to make rasam powder from scratch.

A to Z Andhra Cooking was definitely one of the fun things I did this year. I am yet to go beyond the letter K and am planning to finish the series this year. Wish me luck! This dosa recipe smeared with a flavorful red chilly-onion chutney is one of the recipes that will be remembered and made again & again for all the good reasons.

If there is one breakfast item that was made duly every week is Sponge Dosa with 15 minute Coconut Chutney and filter coffee. My husband, parents and in laws simply adore this combination. 

Give a new, healthy twist to those age-old dhoklas by incorporating the goodness of moong sprouts. Could there be any other reason on why this recipe showed up on the Top 10 list? :-)

Need any instant pep-up to end a not-so-good day? A chick-lit book with a predictable yet happy ending, these spinach kebabs and a glass of wine will set things right. Trust me, I tried it.

2014 will be a memorable year for me as I got to meet in person a bunch of truly talented and fun food bloggers. All thanks to the Indian Food Blogger Meet brilliantly organised by the amazing four. This vegan curry made with fragrant Koli masala is a result of IFBM meet.

These garlic tostones is one recipe I truly had fun cooking, photographing, eating and writing on the blog - all on the same day!.

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A New Year is yet to begin. Let us all wish that it will be a year with peace, happiness and abundance of joy with delicious food + good friends. 


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