May 29, 2014

{Easy Indian Breakfast Recipes} Light and Fluffy Sponge Dosa | Step by Step Recipe

Learn how to make the softest dosas ever! A typical dosa is a traditional favorite in every South Indian kitchen. Today's recipe, aptly named as Sponge Dosa has been made many many times in ours is a new family favorite. Give it a try and you will enjoy it immensely. :-)

Do you know those mornings? - where you truly are bored of the usual bowl of cereal with fruit, fluffy idlis or crisp dosas. All you crave for is something new yet easy, without much prep to do the night before. I am married into a family of foodies where almost every conversation has mention of food thrown here and there. So, during one such gabs with my SIL that I first heard about "Sponge Dosa". The name was enticing enough to be given a try and am so happy that I did.

I adapted the recipe from Raks and must have made countless number of times since I stumbled upon it. Before I used to measure each of the ingredient by weight. Over time I realised that this such a very forgiving recipe that exact measurements play little role. I add rice, a fistful of poha (rice flakes) and pour thin, sour buttermilk till rice is completely immersed. Let it sit the whole night and in the morning, drain out the excess buttermilk to grind into a smooth batter. Season with salt. Add baking soda 30 minutes before preparation resulting in perfectly fluffy sponge dosas, every single time.

Light and Fluffy Sponge Dosa

Adapted from Rak's Kitchen

PrepTime: Overnight soaking + 15 mins of grinding
Cook Time: 10 to 15 mins


2 cups of idli (parboiled) rice
1/4 cup poha (rice flakes/atukulu)
about 3 cups of buttermilk (preferably sour)
1/4 tsp baking soda (eating/cooking soda)
1 tsp salt
few tbsp of oil


1. (preferably) Night Before: Wash and rinse idli rice couple of times. Drain water. Add poha and buttermilk. Cover and leave it on the counter top until next morning.

2. Drain excess buttermilk into another bowl. Grind the soaked rice to a smooth batter consistency. Add few tbsp of buttermilk if you wish to. But make sure the batter is not too thin. It must be like our dosa batter.

3. Season with salt. If you are going to use the same morning, add soda as well. Mix and set aside for atleast 30  mins.

4. Heat a tawa and gently pour a laddle full of batter. Cover it with a lid for a minute or two. Turn the other side and cook for 30 seconds. Serve hot with any chutney.


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  1. Lovely pictures as always, brings so much liveliness :) Thank you for the mention Siri :)

  2. hi Siri.. cant we use normal rice instead of parboiled rice? do we get this(parboiled rice) rice in grocery stores?

    1. Hi Mahathi, parboiled give a different texture to the dosas. Yes, this rice is available in most of the Indian grocery stores. Hope this helps.

  3. Delicious dosa, just need Chutney and sambhar.

  4. Instead of parboiled rice, can we use idly rawa?

    1. Hi Snehal, idly rawa wouldn't work for this recipe and may result in texture issues.


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