August 13, 2014

Guava Lemonade for Sparkling Himalayan Contest (IFBM 2014)

If you are in a mood for a perfectly balanced mocktail, then look no further. Today's recipe - Guava Lemonade is exactly that and much more. There is sweetness from guava puree, citrus notes from lemon juice, a hint of spice from hajmola powder and mint for a fresh herby feel. The Sparkling Himalayan binds everything together into a drink that will make you sink a little deeper into your seats with a sigh of refreshing contentment. :-) Try it and let me know how it turned out to be. 

Enter any big supermarket and you will be overwhelmed with the numerous varieties of fruits (and vegetables) at display; for sale. We have best of all worlds - seasonal specialties like mangoes, papayas and bananas plus exotic ones such as berries, plums, kiwis, peaches and pears. Prices, quality and availability vary from shop to shop but the important factor to note is, there is supply because there is demand and interest to try out new stuff. Quite a welcome change, I must say. 

...Simple ingredients..
The Husband and I are HUGE guava-lovers. When they are in season, you will often find a kilo or two of ripened and semi-ripened fruit adorning our dinner table and as we pass by, the usual scene is to grab one, slice into quarters, sprinkle with salt & chilli powder and eat. So, it is not surprising that I chose this humble fruit to create a mocktail  for Sparkling Himalayan Mocktail Contest, exclusively for IFBM 2014 participants.

It is the kind of a lemonade I would love to sip all day long sitting under an umbrella on a pristine, sandy beach, and with a book in hand. Yay!

 Guava Lemonade 

Adapted from Shatbhi Basu's Cucumber & Curry Leaf Lemonade
Serves 2


60 ml of fresh guava puree (use ripened guava with soft pulp inside for best results)
30 ml of simple sugar syrup (adjust depending on the sweetness of guava)
15 ml of fresh lemon juice
Sparkling Himalayan Water (or use soda)
1 tsp (or more) of powdered Hajmola digestives (or use jaljeera powder or chat masala)
few mint leaves
lemon wedges
ice cubes


How to make guava puree: Peel guava and chop into chunks. Grind into a smooth paste using 2 cups of water. Strain the pulp once or twice to remove the seeds. The fresh guava puree is ready. Refrigerate for later use.

In a tall glass, add guava puree, lemon juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves and hajmola powder. Mix well with a long spoon. Fill the glass with ice cubes.

Drop few lemon wedges and then add Sparkling Himalayan or soda. Give it a nice stir and Serve immediately.

Guava Lemonade


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  1. dayyumm i want to have it NOW!

  2. I love guava. This is good idea of having it in lemonade. Thanks for sharing. I would love to try.

  3. Made this at home with rupe guavas from my garden.. Just loved it!!. Thank u

    1. *thumbs up*. glad it turned out well for you! :-)


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