November 30, 2012

The End of NaBloPoMo 2012 + Roundup of all posts

"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." ~ Thomas Carlyle 

With great pride, relief and little sadness, am saying that today is the last day of my month-long NaBloPoMo journey. I never did this before in my 5 years of blogging - hitting the Publish button diligently every single day. Indeed it was a beautiful challenge which needs a lot of dedication, effort and creativity (to come up with new posts) on one's part. It isn't for the faint heart which I would love to take it up again in future. :-)

Being honest, I never thought that I would pull it off considering how tumultuous our lives were because of dad's accident. I was looking for a good distraction, an outlet where I can take my mind off from happenings around me. Indeed, it worked!. Yay!

Below is a small roundup of posts I wrote and recipes I cooked since past 30 days! 

Day 1 - Happy Halloween
Day 2 - Black and White Photography: Kneading Dough
Day 3 - World Vegan Month: Raw Plantain Chips Recipe | Quick Snacks | Family Favorites
Day 4 - Sunday Link Love # 1
Day 5 - Photography: Finding Strength in True Love!
Day 6 - Broccoli Paruppu Usili - a Step by Step Recipe
Day 7 - Wordless Wednesday: Divine Power
Day 8 - 100 Favourite Diwali/Deepavali Recipes from around the blogosphere
Day 9 - Punugulu | Punukulu | Crispy Fritters with Dosa Batter Recipe
Day 10 - Black and White Photography: Come Dine With Me!
Day 11 - Sunday Link Love # 2
Day 12 - Vaidehi Ashram Kids Shirdi Trip Photographs Part 1
Day 13 - Vaidehi Ashram Kids Shirdi Trip Photographs Part 2
Day 14 - Vaidehi Ashram Kids Shirdi Trip Photographs Part 3
Day 15 - Vaidehi Ashram Kids Shirdi Trip Photographs Part 4
Day 16 - Black and White Photography: Spoons
Day 17 - Unusual Combo - Upma + Mirchi Bajji
Day 18 - Sunday Link Love # 3
Day 19 - Green Cabbage and Lentil Rice + Canon Powershot Camera Giveaway
Day 20 - Tomato and Carrot (No Cream) Soup + Amazon & Olive Garden giftcards giveaway
Day 21 - Toor Dal Chutney | Kandi Pachadi
Day 22 - Thanksgiving special - Vegan Potato Latkes (Potato Pancakes)
Day 23 - Black and White Photography: Dessert First!
Day 24 - Pearl Millet and Brown Rice Khichdi
Day 25 - Sunday Link Love # 4 + Self Portrait!
Day 26 - Its Monday! What are you Reading?
Day 27 - Arbi Tamarind Dry Curry | Chamadumpala Pulihora Koora 
Day 28 - Wordless Wednesday: Tomato Patch on our roof garden
Day 29 - Black and White Photography: Green Tea
Day 30 - The End of NaBloPoMo + Roundup of all posts

I know I am a bit late, but please bear with me. I will announce the giveaway winners in tomorrow's post.

until then, Chao!


  1. Well done! congratulations on the blogging... it was fun even tho at times a bit stressful to put out a post every day... i loved that you did it! hugs!

    1. Thanks da. It was fun having you & Nupur as my blogging buddies. :-)


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