April 11, 2012

Siri's Eat Outs | Restaurant Visits: The Egg Factory, Bangalore

The Egg Factory, Bangalore 
Location: St.Marks Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Phone: 080 4211 0041
Twitter: @theeggfactory
Recommendations: M`enage`a trois, Burritos, Fried Egg Sambal, Quesadilla

There is no overt theatricality when it comes to food served at The Egg Factory (TEF), nestled on the buzzing St. Marks Road in Bangalore. The name says it all. It is a winsome tribute to all dishes made with the humble “egg”. Every dish on the scrapbook-like menu looks and tastes as enticing as it sounds. And a special mention about the ambiance of the restaurant itself. The tables are wide, wooden, and provide a comfortable stage for the food. It renders a beach-like casual setting where you quickly drop by to grab a bite in your flip-flops. ;-)

For me, Restaurants are always more than just the food served - ambiance, service, how friendly and knowledgeable the waiters are, how fast the service is, make up the whole experience. Served with good ingredients, prepared simply, unadorned, TEF scores well on the food and ambience fronts, but sadly it stumbles a little on the service aspect. With a seating capacity of thirty five and just three waiters, the service was not upto the mark. When this issue was raised with the management, they patiently listened to the feedback. Hopefully they will take note of it and have some quick, agile and cheerful waiters around.

M`enage `a trois

Here, there are more than 60 egg-based dishes served primarily from Indian and Mexican cuisines, each succulently paired with respective sauces and condiments.

It is a Sunday afternoon when we, four hungry people arrived at TEF. Our first dish, M`enage`a trois may sound like a tongue twister but is a delight indeed for the tastebuds on the tongue, with a stuffing made out of a variety of veggies, wrapped in a thick omelete and finished with a tangy, delicately flavored pepper sauce on the top. It is delectable and vanished from our table in the blink of an eye.  

Cilantro Chilly Sauce Frittata
However, the Cilantro Chilly Sauce Frittata is rather disappointing. It does not come close to the appetizing description on the menu –(“Potato, Zucchini and Feta topped with Cilantro Chilly Sauce”) and is merely a plain omelete smeared with a rather salty cilantro sauce with buttered, garlic bread on the side. It is worth a miss.

The Quesadilla is simple yet immensely satisfying. It is s essentially a perky egg salad folded in a tortilla, served with cream and salsa. A must try if you are a fan of Mexican cuisine.


Fried Egg Sambal, a classic dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines. It can be made a million ways (here is one way of making it) and the one served at TEF is made just right and an absolute must-try. It is a convergence of oriental flavours with onions, tomato and spices. It comes with a serving of rice on the side and is a meal in itself.

Fried Egg Sambal
Who doesn’t love Burritos? It is quintessential in Mexican cuisine and very popular as they are easy to grab and eat. At TEF, scrambled eggs are used as a stuffing into a tortilla with cream and salsa. The harmony of flavors works well and tastefully created.

Anyone familiar with Kerala cuisine would have certainly heard about – Malabar Egg Roast which is a curry combo served with 2 baby parathas, rice, a raw mango salad and pickle. The parathas are chewy but the egg roast itself has an alluring shade of golden gravy because of subtle spices and with a taste not too intense for the palate.

Malabar Egg Roast
To end your meal on a happy and sweet note, try TEF’s French Toast stuffed with Cream Cheese and Blueberry Preserve . Revel in its incredible play of flavors with creaminess from the cream cheese, fruity goodness from the blueberries and the sweetness from maple syrup which is served on the side. It works splendidly as a light, wholesome dessert. Can I add my mouth waters at the very mention of it! :-)

French Toast stuffed with Cream Cheese and Blueberry Preserve
The beverage section at TEF is quite limited. Their Morning Burst - banana, orange juice pureed in yogurt and milk is simple and nothing out of the ordinary and Chlorophyll fix, a green concoction of basil, mint and soda. The latter works for those who love a herby feel as basil and mint are known for their pungency.

Morning Burst
Chlorophyll fix
Final Words: The folks at TEF definitely need to work on their service. Nevertheless, if you are in a mood to have some delicious egg-y dishes, look no further. Head to this quaint place for a taste of delectable food. Once finished, you will sink in a little deeper into the seat with your stomach and hearts filled with contentment. Enjoy!

Hours of Operation: 8.00 am-10.30 pm, 7 days a week
Cuisine type: A touch of everything - American, European, Mexican, Pasta, Indian, Parsi, Coffee, Desserts, Snacks, Asian, Sri Lankan
Reservation required: No. Only walkins.
Servers liquor: No
Valet parking: No
Time taken between placing order and food served: Minimal
Average Cost of a meal for 2: INR 500
Here is a quick run-down of ordered and their prices (as of March 2012):
Cilantro Chilly Sauce Frittata (INR 95)
M`enage `a trois (INR 120)
Quesadilla (INR 120)
Fried Egg Sambal (INR 100)
Burritos (INR 110)
French Toast stuffed with cream cheese and bluberry preserve (INR 100)
Malabar Egg Roast (INR 105)
Morning Burst (INR 70)
Chlorophyll fix (INR 70)
Fresh Lime Soda (INR 45)

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Please note this is not a paid review. All the food ordered is paid and photographed by yours truly. The views and opinions expressed in these articles are my own and may change in the event of future visits to the featured restaurants.

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  1. loved this review and the pics! it's so great to see interesting restaurants crop up in our cities :)

  2. Everything looks delicious,...:) nice review


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