January 31, 2011

WWC - Brown Rice for Dinner: an event announcement

The list goes on and on if I start talking about the health benefits of eating whole grains over the white-stuff. The most notable ofcourse is - the link between the consumption of more dietary fiber and whole grains and a lower incidence of colorectal cancer. It is also scientifically proven that by choosing foods with high-fiber content aid us in reducing and regulating our weight.

To emphasize and celebrate the goodness of our dear wholegrains, specifically, our beloved brown rice, I am guest hosting an event. I encourage (& also challenge) each one of you to swap at least one meal this month with brown rice instead of white rice. You will eat less and feel good about your intake. I promise.

So, are you all ready for taking up this challenge and send in your entries to me? Below are some details that you would want to know. :-). 

Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking (WWC)

Theme: Brown Rice for Dinner
Last Date of Submission: Feb 28th 2011

Participation Rules:

1. Make a dish with *Brown Rice* as its main ingredient and which can be served for dinner. Only Vegetarian entries and No deep fried recipes please.Eggs are allowed.

2. Use of logo is optional.

3. Provide a link to this announcement post and Sanjeeta's original WWC page in your posts. Old entries which are re-posted can be sent.

4. Send in your entries with your Name, Recipe Name, Recipe URL and a Picture (any size) to info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com with a subject line of *WWC*.

5. If you don't have a blog, no worries. Make a dish with brown rice and send in the recipe details with a picture (optional) to the same email address mentioned above. I will publish them as a part of the roundup.

Some brown rice recipes already posted here -

Brown Rice and 16 Bean Adai (who said Adai can be served only for breakfast ;-))

Perfectly Oven Baked Brown Rice

I will be waiting....for all of your entries. :-)



  1. Love your Brown rice Bisi bhele bhat and am off to soak some for the healthy adai in my dinner.
    Lovely write up on the wholegrain and great theme. Happy hosting, Siri :)

  2. Siri, can I use half brown & half white rice?

  3. Thanks Sanjeeta.

    Usha - As long as the brown rice used is in a substantial quantity, it is ok. :-)

  4. Hi Siri, Nice event. will try to send in mine. You can spread your event here at my Events blog http://www.sarafoodevents.blogspot.com/


  5. Love the theme..We have recently switched to Brown rice for all (almost) our meals..So 'Go Brown Rice'!!!

  6. Siri, I am not able to send my entries to your siri@gmail.com, the mail keeps bouncing back? Can you let me know.

  7. Hi Sadhana. the email address is info.siri@gmail.com



  8. Nice theme I will love to participate...

  9. Siri, Never tried brown rice your event is prompting me to go buy some.


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