February 14, 2010

Love is in the air!

You 're the One for Me!

There I was -
One minute getting to know you,
enjoying you and wondering
where it would all lead...
and the next,
thinking about you all the time,
Knowing that I can never, ever
wanted to be without you!
I guess that's the way life is.
You're going along doing your everyday things,
and out of the blue,
life gives you this wonderful present,
a present you had no idea
how much you wanted.
That's what you are to me, you know,

~ (author is Unknown) but quoted by me to S in a letter for February 2006 V'day :)

5 years and 2 months - We (me & S) have long been 'committed' to each other and all this time, he has been both my strength and weakness. I truly cherish each and every moment  spent with him and we have definitely grown together all these years. I can only wish and hope for better days for many more years to come! :).

...and the biggest news of all - Yes! We are getting married this April :) & As you all know, the biggest advantage of marrying a food-blogger - you get to eat yummy food while you-know-who does the dishes!.. S - Are you listening! ;)

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day 

and today's recipe is one his favorites - 'Breakfast Potatoes with Fried Eggs'..Enjoy!

Breakfat Potatoes with Fried Eggs

4 small red potatoes (with skin)
1/2 onion, cut as juliennes

1 tsp olive oil
salt & pepper - to taste
1/2 tsp paprika
fresh corainder

1-2 eggs


1. Clean the potatoes by scrubbing them, prick with fork several times and then microwave for 3 minutes. this is just to soften them a little so that it takes less time to actually cook them.

2. Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan, saute onions until golden brown. Remove the potatoes, cut them into small cubes (with skin). Add these to the sauteed onions. Cover and cook for 3-4 mins on medium-low flame.

3. Season with salt, pepper and paprika. and mix in fresh coriander at last.

4. Grease a pan (I used the same one) with a little olive oil, break eggs right in the middle. I love to sprinkle some red pepper flakes when they are almost done.

5. Serve the eggs on the potatoes! Yum. :)

[Edited on Feb 16th]: While She would be my sister-in-law, She will be my neighbor. (or atleast there is very high chance we both living nearby and more frequently meeting in person & chattering away to glory! I am so excited! :)



  1. Am I the first one to comment?Well the poem is lovely and very touching..I am sure he is very lucky to have YOU!!Congratulations!!Can't wait...

  2. Wow, that's great news! Congrats Siri...

  3. Hi Siri,
    You brought my memories back!
    Loved your post!
    Lovely song, Many years ago!I was also in the same boat.

  4. congratulations o the good news...Wish u a very happy valentines day...

  5. Congrats SIri. Enjoy the special day and wish you many more special days :)

  6. Beautiful post Siri..Glad to know Shri is gonna be ur SIL..Wishing u both guys so many beautiful things in future...

  7. Hi Siri,
    Last night, I missed congratulating you! Reading the poem,I went into my past as even me and my husband were committed for 8 years before we got married.
    Congrats, Wish you both a very happy and loving life.
    All the best.

  8. Wow thats a wonderful news! Congratulations, Sri would be your SIL, too good, enjoy!

  9. Congratulations Siri- what a sweet announcement! Wishing you the very best.

  10. Best of luck, Siri, where are you getting married, India or the US?

  11. That's a cool combo for a breakfast..very nice and very tasty..congratulations on your wedding news..wish you all the very best.

  12. Lovely poem... Potatoes and eggs in the morning makes a great breakfast!!! Love the text on the plate ;D


  13. aweee....................:)

    ..and you forgot to mention one more thing! About me having a possibility of becoming your neighbor! :(

    Mr.S are you listening?

  14. Siri,
    congratualtions! ..wishing both of you all the joy and happiness ...
    love the breakfast you prepared ..
    hugs and smiles


  15. Shri - Surely you are the first one to comment :). He is your brother and still you say that. I am so lucky to have you as my sister-in-law ;). I can't wait to see you all.

    Sig - Thanks Sig. :)

    Nivedita - We are so romantic when we are young Isn't it? I think as you spend more time together, you miss doing that small little things, which bring so much joy. I hope not to become boring, though S already is ;)

    notyet100 - I was going for a 'lovebirds' template. glad you liked it.

    Sumi - Thanks sumi. Belated V'day wishes to you! Hope you had lots of fun.


  16. Ruchika, simply.food - thank you dearies :)

    Priya - I am so happy to have such a wonderful and warm person like Shri (real name starts with K, by the way ;) as my SIL. Thanks for your wishes Priya.

    Cynthia - Wishing you a very happy belated V'day Cynthia. Hope you had loads of fun.

    Rachel, Parita - Thanks rachel.

    Nivedita - Aww! that is so sweet of you to come back and wish me nivedita! Wow, 8 years is a long time. I thought 5 years was long :)


  17. Nupur - Thank you much for your wishes Nupur and Congratulations to you too for your blog's 5th anniversary! :D

    Sra - Thanks Sra. The marriage ceremony will be in Hyderabad. None of my relative are here in US though S has a couple of them.

    Deepa - Potatoes with Fried is a classic american breakfast combo - a combo that always works :) Thanks for your wishes.

    Ramya - I love the poem too Ramya. Guess who got me that plate - S ofcourse. We were in target and we had an argument for some reason. Immediately he was like - "Let us take this plate. make some dish & post for V'day" and instantly I was so happy. :) He has his bag of tricks ready all the time ;)

    DK - How could I forget you babes. As soon as I saw your comment, I updated the post. :).. I can't wait to see you, be your neighbor and have parceled all the goodies you make. We will be so jumpy that Poor S and K, they will be like - Why did we marry these two monkeys ;)

  18. You settling in CA? Congrats again Siri!

  19. congratulations siri!!

  20. Hearty congo for your wedding.Wish u the best of luck

  21. Sorry I'm so late, but haven't been blog hopping much lately. CONGRATS!!!!!! Your man is lucky to have you and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! :)

  22. wow.. what a romantic way to celebrate V-Day... I know you must be excited and counting the days. So I was :) Reminds me of those beautiful and restless days when I was waiting for V to come and marry me...(blush blush) btw, did you say that you could be DK's neighbor oh I am green eyed now..


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