January 13, 2010

Chilli Tofu

One of the many, the only resolution I made for this New Year 2010, like many of you out there is to eat & stay healthy..to be really specific, I wish to follow the mantra of - 'You are what you eat' and am earnestly working towards having a 'healthy looking skin'..:)..For that..

1. I am making sure, I drink a lot of water, so the skin in properly hydrated.
2. Use sunscreen, every single day.
3. Eat loads of fruits & veggies & beans ofcourse.
4. Drink a glass of milk (with Horlicks, elaichi flavor..Yum Yum!), everyday before going to bed.
5. Wash face, put a teaspoon of yogurt every night, let it stay for 10-15 mins, wash off and apply some night cream.

If you guys have any other ideas which might help to stick to my resolution, please share with all of us :)

Phew!!.. these are some of the things I have been doing rigorously from past 13 days & nights ..and I hope to keep up these as much as I can.

.. I also heard that taking multi-vitamins (recommended brand: Nature-made) is good.. but unfortunately..when I take them, I feel very acidic and the result is this..:(.. Any ideas about to get around with this problem because I know for the fact, that multi-vitamins, taken every alternate day is good for health??

....talking about today's recipe..is the easiest 'Chili Tofu' version I ever knew.. it can be made in a jiffy and it is so good to taste. :)..for this recipe, I used extra firm variety ...next time, I wish to make this with a 'firm tofu'..

Chilli Tofu


1 (whole) cube of extra firm tofu
1 tsp chilli garlic sauce (store-bought)
2 tbsp soya sauce
salt - to taste
1 tsp canola oil


1. Cut the tofu into equally sized cubes. In a bowl, whisk in chilli-garlic sauce & soya sauce. Add the tofu cube to it and marinate for atleast 10 minutes.

2. In a shallow pan, heat oil and add the marinated tofu. If you are in a hurry, on HIGH flame, toss the cubes in oil and cook for 6-7 minutes.
If you have some-time in hand, on MEDIUM-LOW flame, cover and occasionally toss to cook for 9-10 minutes.

Serve warm on a bed of jasmine rice!!! Enjoy..:)

Wishing you all a very Happy Sankranthi :)


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  1. Happy sankranthi wishes to u & ur family Siri...Such a tempting chilli tofu looks beautiful..

  2. OOps i have completely forgotten to say that i want u to add my new own event called Cooking with seeds to the event calender with sesame seeds as theme, thanks for adding awed Portuguese to the event calender..

    Here is my link of my own event..


  3. Mine also is to eat healthy but i can nver keep to it.

  4. Happy Sankranthi to you Siri. Great rituals to follow everyday. Water does help. Chilli Tofu look yum.

  5. Applying yogurt to face at night, sounds doable-- I'm going to try that. Chilli tofu looks yummm...

  6. I never make resolutions alll because I tend to break themm..Good luck with yours :)

  7. Applying yogurt to the face sounds very nice..Now I see why you are doing this...LOL:))Chili tofu looks great!

  8. That's the first thing I do these days too ... apply sunscreen, and lots of it! Coconut milk, utna and "ambe halad" also makes for glowy skin!
    Love the tofu recipe ... simple and perfecto!

  9. hey nice tips Siri..and love the chili tofu..loved it..

  10. Hey, nice header, Siri! And pretty easy recipe too!

  11. Nice n yummy recipe Siri,.

    I'd like to add some thing to the list too..Use plain, cold milk to dab the face as a cleanser..Works wonders..Wate and fruits always help.


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