March 1, 2009

Cornmeal Cou Cou: a Caribbean delight

Her blog is full of life, delight and all of her recipes 'tastes like home'. I am a great of hers and bookmarked almost every dish. :) Now, she even published her own cookbook - 'My Caribbean Cookbook: Tastes Like Home'. How cool is that!

..and the theme of this month's 'Monthly Mingle', a brainchild of lovely Meeta is 'Caribbean Cooking'. I went through all of my bookmarks from Cynthia's blog and finally made 'Cornmeal Cou Cou'. Its the first time I had my hands on 'cornmeal' and with the help of step-by-step instructions from Cynthia, the dish turned out to be delicately delightful with very subtle taste of gooey okra. though it has no seasoning in it except salt, it tasted so good with the left over gravy from last night's malai kofta, prepared by my roommate. Everybody loved it and saved some for tomorrow lunch, to have it tasted by their colleagues. Its that good! :))

Cornmean Cou Cou (from Cynthia's blog)

"Barbados’ national dish is cornmeal cou cou and flying fish. Long ago, cou cou used to be a regular every-Saturday dish in many households just as pudding and souse is, but these days, because of the time it takes to prepare, a lot of people have stopped making it regularly. If we’re not careful, the technique of making good cou cou will fade away as we all get busier, eating out becomes the norm, and those with the knowledge of making cou cou leave this world without being able to pass on this traditional dish."

Thanks Cynthia for all your contribution is passing over such authentic, traditional recipes to all of us. :)

Click here for the detailed recipe instructions.

Note: Did you know, '
Coucou', in French means 'Hello' or 'Hi' :)

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  1. Very nice! Looks delicious! Can't wait what else others will cook for this event! :))

    My shopping break has started! Will starve for a day this week with liquid only, it's all your fault! :D

  2. Congrats siri for the successful completion of 'A week without shopping'..I will try this sometime :)
    Cornmeal coucou is looking good.

  3. Cornmeal Coucou looks really like a delight..yumm..Oh I can't stay without shopping for week..

  4. Very beautiful dish, looks simply superb!!

  5. Cynthia is definitely the perfect reference for anything Carribean. I have made a few of her vegetarian dishes with success.

  6. I just love cornmeal! What a fantastic dish.

  7. Siri, this looks great. I really enjoy trying out different recipes using cornmeal and I have to try this. A lovey entry for the MM theme - thanks!

  8. Great entry...looks delicious and beautiful.

  9. Such a delicious looking dish - we share a lot in common with Caribbean cooking dont we?

  10. Hi
    I liked ur,i added ur blog link in my blog

  11. Congrats!! the cornmeal Cou Cou looks delish!!

  12. This looks so yum Siri..congrats on winning!


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