December 21, 2008

Herb Mania: Coriander Roundup

This is a long due roundup of Herb Mania: Coriander and I apologize for the delay. Things at my front are not going as smoothly as thought so and still some balance needs to be attained between my work, my personal life and of course, my favorite of all - blogging! Its something which I would never ever think of leaving as it gave me support when I needed the most and also good friends whom I cherish every single day.!!

So, here are some fantabulous entries which I received for the theme - Coriander/ Cilantro!


Name: Lavi
Recipe : Coriander Chutney

Name: Bhagyashri
Recipe: Dhaniya-Pudine ki chutney

Name: Medhaa
Recipe: Pani Puri

Name: Vaidehi
Recipe: Kothimbir Wadi

Name: Kamalika
Recipe: Coriander Gravy

Name: Shifali
Recipe 1: Kadai Paneer

Recipe 2: Tomato Soup with Toasted vegetables

Name: Bhawana
Recipe: Pav Bhaji

Name: Shreya
Recipe: Cucumber Coriander Soup

Name: Radhika
Recipe: Coriander and Carrot Soup

Name: Divya
Recipe: Coriander Rice

Name: Vaishali
Recipe: Coriander Quiche

Name: Sujatha
Recipe: Kothamalli Adai

Name: Laavanya
Recipe: Carrot Coriander Soup

Name: Deepika
Recipe: Spicy Coriander Chutney

Name: Cham
Recipe: Nilgiri Kurma

Name: Usha
Recipe: Carrot Cilantro Soup

Name: Meera
Recipe: Cilantro Subzi

Name: Divya Kudua
Recipe: Coriander Sweet and Sour Chutney

Name: Uma
Recipe: Coriander Chutney

Name: Soma Rathore
Recipe: Fusion Farinata

Name: Sireesha
Recipe: Coriander Chutney

Name: Madhuram
Recipe: Coriander Dosa

Name: Pallavi
Recipe: Cilantro Rice

Name: Usha
Recipe: Cilantro Pinwheels

Name: Priya Suresh

Recipe 1: Herbal Juice

Recipe 2: 3 in 1 Chutney

Recipe 3: Coriander Masala Chappathi

Recipe 4: Coriander Medhu Vadai

Recipe 5: Coriander Onion Chutney

Recipe 6: Coriander Tofu Biriyani

Name: Divya Kannan
Recipe: Savoury Carrot Coriander muffins

Name: Srimathi(Foody Guru)
Recipe: Instant Cilantro Paruppu Usilli

Name: Easy Crafts (EC)
Recipe: Coriander Pulav, Coriander Thuvaiyal and Coriander seeds podi

Name: Raji
Recipe: Coriander Thokku

The entries are lined up in no particular order and if I, in case missed anyone please drop a comment.

Happy Holidays to one and all.


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  1. Wow! Superb coriander recipies.. I love all the dishes. good thought and work!!

  2. Awesome roundup, everything here looks really fantastic and such a variety of recipes :-)

  3. Awesome array of entries....great work!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful roundup Siri! So many delicious recipes at one place. Take care. :)

  5. Oh shucks - I totally forgot!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways - will send some for Awadhi! I have two in mind but then so did I for Apricot too! One down 3 more to go for both ur events :)

    Girl - missing you ;-) Better start this balancing act soon!

  6. Good job. Appreciate ur round-up never late! All entries are great!


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