December 2, 2008

Announcing A Fruit A Month (AFAM): Apricot

'Apricot' means 'Precious' and is a relative to peach family. Why talk about this exotic fruit now, You ask? Well the title says it all. That's the theme I have chosen for this month's AFAM event, a brainchild of dear Maheshwari of 'Beyond the Usual'.

History about Apricots:

Apricots originally came from China. This golden fruit has been around for more than 4,000 years. Apricots progressively made their way through the Persian Empire to the Mediterranean where they were fondly adopted. Spanish explorers introduced the apricot to the New World, and they were planted in the gardens of Spanish missions all over California. The first recorded major production of apricots in America was in 1792 south of San Francisco.


Apricots are available in almost all regions of the world, in one form or the other. They have all the essential nutrients with no saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol, low fat and high in vitamin A & C.


'Do you reckon - you have a good reason to make something yummy out of Apricot this month?'

..then bring them on... but first some simple guidelines about AFAM: Apricot event:

1. Prepare any Vegetarian recipe using 'Apricot' (in any form) as its main ingredient and post about it on your blog. Archived posts can be sent, provided they are re-posted as new.

2. Link back to this announcement post and also to Maheshwari's blog. Usage of the logo is optional.

3. Send the following details to info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com with the AFAM as its subject line by January 1st 2009

Your Name
Recipe Name
Recipe URL
A Photo of any size

4. If you are a non-blogger and you wish to participate, send in the above details with the recipe. I will post them in the round up.

Lets roll then...

Note: I guess, you have couple hours to send in your entries for November's AFAM: Cherry, hosted by dear Rachel.

signing off for now,


  1. I was just thinking what would be the next fruit. Hmm my favourite one. Iam in.

  2. Apricots, yummy!
    Have to think this one out.

  3. Two events in same time :) Great choice!

  4. 2 events at one go. :D Great will try to pitch in

  5. I wil try to send you something.
    Just have to gigure out what now.
    It will be sure a sweet dish.

  6. wow.. two events, same month.. December is going to be busy for you Siri.. Happy Hosting.. Apricot is a great choice.. I love dried apricots.

  7. great choice of fruit....Happy hosting..

  8. hmmmm ,I can see lots of apricot yummies

  9. we don't get apricots here babe - will try to think of something!

  10. Dn't get apricots here....nice idea though..all the best for ur event.

  11. Nice one, Siri! I'm guessing dried apricots are ok?

  12. I'll have to pick dry fruit again... Not in season in Delhi at this point. Awadhi, I am clueless... this I can try!:)

    Send in something for Carom too.

  13. Hi

    I tagged you for breadline Africa

  14. I hope I can come up with something. Have dry apricots..

  15. Even i too won't get apricots here. will try out. anyways nice event, first time here..
    do visit my site.

  16. Hi, I just you my entry to this yummy event. Check out.

  17. Hi, first time here. U got a lovely place girl.

    M new to ur blog n blogosphere.
    Swing by my lil place sometime plz.:)

    Happy New Year!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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