December 2, 2008

Announcement of RCI: Awadhi Cuisine

The Regional Cuisine of India (RCI) event, a brainchild of Lakshmi of 'Veggie Cuisine' is all set to visit the exotic Awadhi cuisine this month, here at Siri's Corner. It is one such captivating cuisines of Northern India, from the beautiful city of Lucknow. and like all other cuisines of India, it also has an enthralling history behind it.

Awadh was a region in which at one point in history there was a shortage of food. A ruler in this land was concerned about this situation, and he then gave orders to his men to cook large amounts of food in huge handis. The food was supposed to be cooked throughout the day in order to serve people whenever they needed to eat. The food contained, meats, potatoes, vegetables, and other important food substances that would provide a whole nutrition. The process involved cooking all the ingredients on a slow flame so that all the juices would be well absorbed into the solid food. This meant that there would be less nutrition lost in the cooking process.

Awadhi style cooking has a variety of bread, lentils, kebabs, kachoris, rice, vegetables, desserts etc. For more simple recipe ideas, which tastes great, visit the following links:
and now time for some simple rules:

1) Prepare any dish – be it Appetizer, Main Course or Dessert - Vegetarian/Vegan and post the same in your blog and link back to the announcement and Lakshmi's blog. You can send any of your archived posts . Just re-post it and provide a link back to this post. Usage of the logo is optional.

2) Multiple entries are most welcome - more the yummier !.

3) Send the following details to info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com with RCI as its subject line by January 1st 2009:

Your Name
Name of the Recipe
Recipe URL
Photo of any size

6) If you do not have a blog, but wish to participate please send me your name, the recipe and a picture and I will post it in the round up.

Let the party begin then ...Shall we !!



  1. will surely pitch with some yummy recipes ...happy hosting

  2. First time i am hearing about this cusine. I am really looking forward to the round up.
    I will try to send you something.

  3. Never tried Awadhi cuisine before. Will try to come up with something for the event. In the introduction, I think you meant to say "less nutrition lost in the cooking process".

  4. I was checking out the link you gave, wonderful link,there i saw recipes i know, just the name of the cusine i didn't know :-)

  5. @ Pavani: You are right dear. Thanks for letting me know..:)


  6. First time coming across this kind of cuisine, very curious to see the recipes. Will check the link and come up with something.

  7. Lot of hosting here this month.:)
    Awadhi food is very tasty and a lot of it rich.
    Need to research this some more, though.

  8. He he I am hearing for first time this cuisine, probably i will do some research and have a look to those links and come up with something delish!

  9. Wow! Two events in a month.

    I am sure you are feeling better now :)

  10. so diffrnt it is and count me also for the even. eger to c the entries of Avadhi style....

  11. Hi Sri,
    I have left a comment before,also. I have sent my entries and i have mailed you too. Nice event.


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