September 17, 2008

RCI: Batate Song (Spicy Potato Curry - Konkani Style)

Her blog is an awesome repertoire of every Konkani dish one can think of and the best part is - they are simple to make and yummy to taste! No wonder.. I landed on her blog and finally decided on making 'Batate Song' a simple Konkani recipe.

With the little time I had on hand today, this tasty potato dish was an apt choice ..and Off this goes to Deepa's RCI: Konkani Cuisine. The authentic version is supposed to be very spicy, but I reduced the amount to suit my taste buds..:)


3 medium Potatoes, boiled, peeled
1/2 medium sized Onion, slit into thin slices
1-2 tsp Oil (Recommended: Coconut Oil)
2 tsp Red Chilli powder
1 tsp Tamarind paste
Coriander - for garnishing


1. Cut the peeled potatoes into chunks. Mix chilli powder with the tamarind paste, add couple of teaspoons of water to it if needed.

2. Heat oil in a pan and saute onions for 2-3 mins, until golden brown.

3. Add potato chunks and tamarind-chilli powder paste. Mix the contents well. Cook for 5-6 minutes on low heat to blend in all the flavors!

4. Serve with hot rice. Y.U.M.M.O.


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Looking forward for your participation!!...

signing off for now,


  1. i am surely sending something for herb mania. if not, atleast i will repost cuz i have some nice recipes on my blog :)

  2. Who would say no to potatoes..Looks too tempting Siri..

  3. Sounds simple & delicious the potato curry, nice entry Sri!

  4. wow! that look yum and delicious! u have a very nice blog yar! come and join in the chicken event going in my blog!

  5. If you serve this to me i will also say yummo, delicious

  6. tempting one..adding tamarind paste is different.

  7. hey for one thing I didn't know abt the rci..was wondering what happened to it!...and for all the work you have two events are twoo much girl!..but am sure you will handle it

  8. Batate Song is yummy!!!! and Shilpaz blog rocks!!!! :))
    looks delicious

  9. Glad you liked song Siri. Its one favorite at my home. This rice and a simple dal, a complete heavenly meal.

  10. oooh, batata song chala chala baagundi Siri! Picture chala tempting gaa vundi.

  11. siriiii... why has you template changed..... this is gooooooooood.. but i was too partial with that one... and infact it was gargs fav template of all blogs he had visited... :) i will miss it... but its a nice change buddy...


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