February 18, 2008

Kothu Parotta

This recipe was on my to do list for a long time and I saw the recipe of Kothu Parotta for the first time : here and here. I never heard about such a dish before that. [ Yes, I didn't..:( ].

....I had many frozen parathas in the freezer... so thought this would be the best way to make a good use of them...:)

To my surprise, it turned out very tasty and had a distinct taste ..:D Next time ,I wanna to use my left over chapathis instead of parathas..:))

Here goes the recipe...


(Frozen) Parathas - 2 nos
Onion - 1
Tomato - 1
Green Chillies - 2
Salt - to taste
Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp
Egg - 1
Coriander powder - 1/2 tbsp
Garam masala - 1/4 tbsp
Turmeric - 1/4 tbsp
Chilli powder - 1/4 tbsp
Oil - to saute
Curry leaves - few

How to make:

1. Take some oil in a skillet, add some cumin seeds, then saute chopped onions, tomato, curry leaves, green chillies for few mins.
2. Now, add turmeric, coriander powder, chilli powder, garam masala and salt. Mix well.
3. Then add paratha pieces; mix all the contents well. Finally add beaten egg and stir the mixture for a while.
4. Garnish with coriander and lemon juice. Serve hot.

~ Siri


  1. YUM!!! Looks great. I think frozen Parathas will do fine and makes it easy too. I do have 1 pack of Methi Paratha in the freezer!:))

  2. Oh wow, Siri dear this is the first I've heard of this too..simple recipe and an easy fix. Bookmarked to try :)

  3. I used to like these a lot. Remember eating a lot of these when I lived in Chennai. :)

  4. Never heard of this. Looks like a neat idea. The recipe looks so yummy! I have to try this.

  5. Never heard of this. Looks like a neat idea. The recipe looks so yummy! I have to try this.

  6. a splash of scotch would enhance the flavour. :D

  7. I was first introduced to this dish by my hubby...your version looks good. A little bit of left over kurma stirred into this adds to the taste....

  8. Kothu parotta looks great! Have been meaning to make this for a very long time myself. :)

  9. Hi Siri,
    Kottu parotha is a popular road side food in TN :) Mostly Egg Kottu parotha , ur dish looks yummy :)

  10. wow...looks great, have had the vegetarian version of kottu parota, but never tried out..thanks for the recipe. will try out minus the eggs

  11. I have been planning to make this too for a long time..prb is there will never be left over parathas..:D...looks good

  12. Oh wow Siri! Here I am wanting to learn to make whole parathas, and here you are making them look so good all broken up! ;)

  13. Love kothu parathas, I have had the best ones in Sri Lankan restaurants... This is a keeper recipe Siri... BTW, have you changed the template? It looks great!

  14. looks d-lish!
    u changed ur template again??? :)

  15. Siri, I love kothu parathas too and have been wanting to try this out with chapathis too :) Let me knw if you try it out sooner.

  16. Siri, I have read about this dish somewhere...maybe it's time In tried it...looks d'lish :-)

  17. Thanks Siri for visiting my blog.Am a novice in blogging, hence although I would love to put up pics, I still have to learn to do that.
    When I was a kid my mom used to make a version of your kothu parathas with only onions,chillies and tomatoes and she called it chappathi upma !

  18. wow siri...interesting... gr8t

    will try it...i have frozen parathas in my fridge.

  19. i had my first Kothu Parotta in Chennai from "Sangeetha"...love it!!

  20. wonderfulllll recipe siri ,I can taste it from the pic

  21. I heard about something very similar last year from a friend who was living in France. She had it at a Sri Lankan restaurant and I think they add a curried meat to it. I am definitely going to give your recipe a try.

  22. @ Ashaji: First of all, Thanks to u ashaji, I made this from ur Aroma blog! It indeed turned out yum yummy..:)

    @ Namratha: Even I got to know about pretty recently Namratha- simple yet yummy.. do let me know how it tuned out for u. will be glad to know..tc.

  23. @ TBC: Cool!.. these days we get this dish in most of the Indian Restaurants (here is US) tbc. Do try it out.. its simple to make and
    delish too..:)Hey don't forget to let me know how it turned out!

    @ Uma: Thanks dear.

    @ Bee: Hmmm, ..... scotch ;)) lovely idea!

  24. @ Jayashree: Even I heard about this thru 'S' Jaya. and then I googled about it and stumbled upon ashaji recipe.. kurma wud definitely give such rich taste to this dish.. Thanks dear!

    @ Kalai: Do try it kalai. I am sure u wud love it as we did..:)

    @ Cham: seems like, u chennai ppl are already a big fan this huh?... Thanks for ur sweet comment Cham..:)

    @ EC: Hey EC, I am sure even w/o eggs it tastes good... do try it sometime...:))

  25. @ Srivalli: Do try it out Sriii...I am so sure u wud just love love it..:))

    @ Linda: hehehe.. Love ur sense of humor Linda..even I am under *the process* of learning round whole parathas.. :DD

    @ Sig: Thanks Sig for ur sweet comment. I changed my template couple of weeks ago Sig. Had some issues with the previous one. Glad u liked it..:))

  26. @ Sia: Thanks dear. Ya, I did change my template couple of weeks back!

    @ Laavanya: I will definitely let u know how it turned out with chapathis.. :D Thanks for dropping by Laavs!

    @ Sunita: Thanks Sunita.

  27. @ Anonymous: Hey, 'Chapathi Upma' is such a cute name..:)) Thanks for dropping by.. wish I cud know ur name...:D

    @ Mala: Thanks dear.. and do let me know how it turned out for u.:)

    @ SC: I am so jealous of u Chennaites.. u ppl already knew this dish and readily available in ur restaurants. hehhehe..:D

  28. @ Sagari: Hahaha.. thanks dear.. glad u liked it..:)

    @ Cynthia: Do give it a try Cynthia and I am so sure u wud love it..:) and hey, do let me know how it turned out for u..:)

  29. Being net "un-savvy" does create problems. By mistake I typed out anonymous- its me, hobbitt, who made that remark about chappathi upma !
    Thanks for understanding my feelings about not only the non-veg food but also the way it was prepared-referring to "Haath ka Kamaal" !

  30. heard of this somewhere else too. Your's looks so tempting and with frozen parathas it would be easy. would try this for sure.

  31. Sir, i had this back in 1988 in Tuticorin. Still remember it. Nice one. Viji

  32. paratha made from paratha:) that's interesting Siri! heard about this but never had it...will try your recipe:)


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