January 11, 2008

A Quote that changed my life...

Yes, it is a quote that changed me and myself, gave me new determination to fight back!

.... wondering which quote, where did it come from etc etc.. Read on to know more...

I am a regular reader of dear Viji's blog (http://vcuisine.blogspot.com/),( Note: She made her blog private, so not all have the privilege to get to know her..:) ).. and she has this awesome habit of adding thought provoking and inspiring 'quotes' at the end of each post..:)

These days, I am (ok.. I was) in my all time low, where I am struggling so hard to achieve something in life.. that something is to get a 'JOB'...I am putting my 100% to get my wish fulfilled.. but alas... all in vain..:(

Once can imagine, how my mental state would be - depressed, demoralised, broken and almost lost hope... ( Yes, I am taking this too seriously..!)..

Then, on one such gloomy day, I happen to visit Viji's Blog and read Hellen Keller's Quote:

"I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do."

I must have read this quote.. some tens and hundreds of times.. this simple quote gave my hope back, a reassurance that everybody is capable of something.. and his/her day would definitely come.. its just about a patient wait.. Even, to this day.. every single night, before I go to bed, I envision this quote.. this peps me up to such an extent that I give my 200% now .. and firmly believe that I will be successful one day.

and this is my way of saying 'Thanks Viji'... and Love u lots..:))


  1. Siri darling, don't worry too much. Everything will happen in time.I know because I went thru' some very down time too early in my life but look at me now. You will do well I am sure.
    Guess what? I always wanted to make my blogs private too but because of RCI-K round ups, I will not. I have thought of new plans instead.
    I will be not be visiting any blogs from today, close my comment section and post whatever and whenever I want and enter few events only if I have something good! That leaves me lot of time to myself.Planning to get fit and be with my kids and hubby more than sitting infront of Laptop and blog for hrs. No more! Keep in touch. Hugs, have a great weekend!
    Viji is a great human being, I am privileged to know her too!:)

  2. Siri, I just talked to Viji about it too and instead of making my blogs private, I will be closing the comment section and I will keep my e mail open for all the food related queries.
    You already have my e mail, talk to me anytime you want. There is a reason why I am doing this, I will post later. Hugs to you. Take care and don't worry. Keep in touch sweetheart!:))

  3. Hi Siri,

    I am regular reader to your blog.I am also in same boat like you. I know how frustuating its been long time to wait. Dont loose hope, definetly we are also will achieve our goals.

  4. Hi Siri, I am a frequent visitor to your blog. This post touched me immensely and it was very inspirational. Thank you. Don't worry too much. Things always turn out for the better.

    I am so disappointed that I cannot visit Viji's blog anymore. I have sent her an email requesting access. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


  5. Hi Siri,

    Dont loose heart. Viji's insopiring thought touched me too. I am a stay at home mom, by choice , but some days are just very frustrating. But things happen for a reason. My friend once told me

    Waqt se pahle aur kismat se jyada, kisi ko kuch nahin milta.

    When ur time comes, u will shine. and U already are shining with ur family, ur blog and all whose heart u touch.

  6. Dear Siri,

    We all have ups and downs. I just want to tell u not to loose hope. Focus on the good things, the positive things in life and u will be fine. A job/career is not the end all. If u look at the bigger picture it will make sense. I'm telling you from personal experience.
    Good luck to you!
    And i love viji's posts too! unfortunately i have noticed that she has mad eher blog private. i can understand that, was not sure how i should contact her though... maybe u can pass my message to her... i used to enjoy visiting her blog and her recipes...

    Take care

  7. Hey who are u? I think u r an imposter of the usual chirpy and jumpy gal called siri who is my friend? who the heck are u? Let her go, otherwise u wud see the worst of life coming from me !!!

    Hey siri, how is the new DADA dhivi -DD ? got scared rite ;-) awe comeon siri, U know one thing, why I cud relate immedietly with u was U r soooo like me..I keep telling ur comments and our interaction to my hubby and he is like birds of a feather flock together! Two jumpy Overgrown kids!

    I am not going to start a lecture cos One, I am not experienced enuf like asha ( i can see her taking a danda and coming behind me ) and two- who wants to listen to a lecture coming from MY mouth!Keep up the spirits - continue being jumpy..and as I already told u once, anything that takes time is sure worth the wait as long as u keep trying! Hoping to see u soon commuting to ur office on a 'ferrari' .for those reading this - am sure u will break ur heads without knowing what I am blabbering about..but am sure this imposter will understand ;-) what say :-D

  8. That is a very inspirational quote indeed.
    Don't get down you sweet, peppy girl... Wishing you the very best for a very successful life! :)

  9. Don't put yourselfe too down.
    DOn't loose hope you will get there in time.
    I was thinking why i coudn't get into viji's blog. Now i know.
    You are lucky to see all her good cooking

  10. Siri, don't worry. I always keep saying to my friends and loved ones...whatever happens, happens for good and nothing will change if we take tension. I have gone thr' the same phase just 1 year ago. There was too much pressure bcos of visa status and all. I cried most of the time. Then my cousin told me to "relax and enjoy..bcos once u r on job you will be so busy that u wont find time for anything". After so much of tension...I got a job and it is the best job I could ever find. Then there was another bomb that fell on my head soon after(same day as I got the job offer). That problem changed my perspective of everything. Last year was a pure hell to me (apart from the job), but now I have thought to concentrate on only good things and enjoy each and every moment. So relax....keep your mind very calm. Be very confident and you will be fine..

    (am i talking like grandma again? sorry if I bored u).

    All the best dear. Hugs to u.

  11. Siri..girl..don't be down..it is against your nature and you will feel worse...i am certain a smart girl like you will get something really good..keep you spirits high and enjoy the time you have in your hands..coz once you start to work..free time is the thing of the past...i know it is corny....but very true :)

  12. hey siri,

    I am in the same boat as you are in,waiting to start woking.Attending interviews etc....,but feeling all time low.

    Surely,this is an inspiring quote.

    Hope we will come out with flying colors.

  13. hey siri , I am equally frustrated as you are lady ....I have been seraching jobs for a very long time .I was working in india and not able to work here .There where loads of issues with our immigration past.Now that all has been cleared still i am not able to get.Sometimes i feel why i am in this part of the world and why did i come here ....Crying and getting worried ,shouting at my husband, mom are all the effect of this .I feel even bad when i see some of my friends getting job and they showing up ..Even more frustrated i feel when people start asking me...Lady i am really facing the same thing as what you are .Oh god i have been crying and asking god to just give me once chance and waiting for him to shower his blessing on me ..Wish could call you and cry loud and let me feelings out ....

    Wish you luck

  14. Dear Siri, You have touched my heart. A small step of mine has changed someone, encouraged her to be bold enough to face the challenge? I am honored by your post Siri. Not getting a job is a problem Siri? No way. It's so normal. When i came to Kuwait (being worked as a Manager in India), i took a very low profile job (Tele Marketing Surveyor). But within two years I landed up in my dream job being paid well with all perks. But when I was in death bed, nothing seems to be big for me. I had a brand new car, nice job with good pay, loving husband, adorable and intelligent son.... What is the use? I was dying in my own eyes..... I realized material things are nothing when compared to spritual matter. You know Siri, i have touched the death line, and the doctors told, no hope. But I came back with so much struggles, and I am facing only good things after that. Everything has got a purpose. Be patient. You can try many attempts as much as you want provided you have health. Yes, other than health problem, nothing is called problem. You can face it. For health related problems, you depend on doctor to give you correct treatment.

    May be something big is waiting for you to choose. Whenever you are desperate you will push yourself, you will stretch yourself to your level best to catch something. God has planned something suitable for you already. Keep your eyes open. You will find it oneday. But don't lose your hope and particularly don't loose your heath with these kind of man made stress. Keep up your writing. I always enjoy reading it. Have a good day my dear. I am happy that you left a note in my blog. Otherwise, I would have read these sometime later (very busy with a new project in office). Be cheerful. Your pal, Viji

    NB: Pass Latha's email id. I will send her the invite. HC, I already sent her the invite. Will do it again.

  15. A Huge Thanks to all u wonderful people out there who care so much about me..:).. I am truly touched my ur comments dearies..and thanks for ur wishes.. Hope to fulfill my dream soon!..

    Love u all,

    ~ Siri

  16. hey, I guess we are sailing in the same boat!!! I am looking fwd to work too and I know how frustrating it can get to not have a job!!! You know that theres more to life than just job/profession, but you still want it so badly.... Glad you are out of it now!! Good luck w/ ur job hunt. Wish me luck too... I too am desparately in need of one! :)

  17. ehmmm....I know now you are feeling better...Siri as I told you...I always think of you as bubbly and youthful with so much life....so life will have many offers to you..they are just waiting for the correct time!..all the best

  18. Hi Siri..very inspirational and touchy post. I liked the quote which inspired u, I wrote it down to inspire myself too. I have sailed in the same boat bf4 and can understand ur feelings. All I can say is do not loose hope. I read this book 'The monk who sold his ferrari' by Robin Sharma; it inspired me. Do read it if you get some time. Good Luck.

  19. Siri, God has a plan for everyone, and its hard to interfere in his plans! but I'll give you one more quote: Good Things happen to good people, and everything that happens, happens for good!

    so don't worry..give your 100%, and you'll get what you deserve girl! Good Luck!!

  20. Hi Siri,

    I was on a blog break due to some personal reasons and juz now checking ur blog. As for your anxiety about JOB, let the time decide but you put ur 100% of efforts in each approach and you will succeed. Give your best shot!

    You know there is a saying in telugu, "Padi rallu visurthe atleast okateina tagaladaa"

    Wish you luck and dont be sad!

  21. Hi Siri

    I ve been reading your blog. Will I be able to get invited to viji's blog..small request :-), My ID is suji_prakashk@yahoo.com


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