September 19, 2007

Palak Theplas and Roti Telur

.... The 2007 Cricket World Cup in the West Indies did not leave pleasant memories for India but it brought to the limelight the foresight of some of the Indian spectators at the Caribbean fiesta. Two “Tambrams” (Tamil Brahmins) from Bangalore , who were in a group of nine vegetarian cricket lovers, played a major role in making the trip pleasant, filling and economical. The group which spent nearly one month in Barbados watching the cricket, cooked their own food thrice a day in a rented villa and was benefited by the foresight of the Bangalore duo who carried with them nearly 750 pieces of theplas which constituted one of their main food items throughout their stay.....

- "The Hindu" Magazine

You can find the complete article here.

This funny anecdote shows how easy, handy and life-saving "Theplas" could be at the time need.:D

I made some additions to the original "Gujarati Theplas" by LuvBites. I added Palak, Jeera and other spices to make it more flavorsome.

Preparation Time: 20-30mins
Serves - 10 to 12 Theplas


Wheat flour - 2 cups
Gram flour - 1 tbsp
Palak - 1/2 cup
Buttermilk - to knead
Salt - to taste
Chopped Garlic - 1/4 tbsp
Chilli powder - 1 tbsp
Hing - 1/8 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp
Coriander powder - 1/2 tbsp
Turmeric - 1/4 tbsp
Oil - 1 tbsp

How to make:

1. Mix all the ingredients listed above including the oil into a dough. I used buttermilk for kneading as per the original recipe.
2. Once it became a dough, oil it again from the top and knead atleast 3 times.
3. Make small balls out of the dough and roll out as rotis.
4. Place on a hot griddle, roast and drizzle oil, to shallow fry the Theplas on medium-low heat.
5. Serve with any kind of pickle or Masala Dahi.

Masala Dahi: Dry roast some cumin seeds & black pepper. and make them into fine powder. Mix salt and this powder to well-beated curd to make Masala Dahi.

Continuing with life-savers, I bring to you a Malayasian recipe - "Roti Telur" or Egg Pastry Pancake.

This original recipe of Roti Telur can be found here and here.

For this we need:

All-purpose flour - 3 cups
Milk - 1.5 cups
Salt - to taste
Eggs - 3
Chopped Onions - 2 tbsp
Coriander - 1 tbsp
Green chillies - 2
Chilli powder - 1/2 tbsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tbsp
Oil - to shallow fry


1. Mix salt to flour and knead it with milk. Keep aside for 2 hrs.
2. Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the eggs and add salt, chilli powder, chillies, chopped onions, coriander, cumin seeds. Mix them well.
3. Take a small ball of dough, oil the work top with oil and work each ball into a very thin sheet - first flatten with your oiled palms, then thin it further by pulling the edges.
4. Preheat a griddle, grease well with oil/ghee- when hot put roti dough on it.
5. Now, gently pour the egg mixture on it and carefully spread over it.
6. After 2 min, fold the edges of the roti dough over, just enough to seal the egg mixture in.
7. Cook 2-3 mins till golden brown. Lift Roti with a spatula, grease the griddle with a tsp of oil, cook the other side.
8. Serve hot with any spicy curry. I served with Hot chilly sauce..:D

These dishes taste awesome and are the best for travel when accompanied with any side dish. So, forwarding this to Easy Crafts's Travel Food Festival..:))



  1. Oh our bread for this month! Nice entry. Both are looking great. Viji

  2. At least there was something to look forward to, in that trip.. Sigh.. What a disappointment, I mean the match. I am not a big fan of besan. But a tbsp with atta shouldn't hurt. I will try this!

  3. Theplas..Telur...both the dishes are new to me...look delicious...

  4. both of them look very pretty....good of you to try these out

  5. hi siri,
    thank u for leaving a comment in my blog and leading to urs. both the recipes for MBP looks gr8. theplas are much sought out at our home than any pther indian flat breads:)

  6. nice entry. i too made indian bread for this event.

  7. @Viji: Thanks dear. I came to know about MBD very late ( as I am new :) ).. but somehow managed to make something nice for the event. :D

    @ Suganya: Ya, though the World Cup was a disaster, atleast our Theplas became famous.. heheh..:)

    @ apple: Do try these dear.. they came really well. Infact I made Theplas again for today's lunch too..:D

    @ Srivalli, Sia, Nags: Thanks folks for visiting my blog regularly and appreciating them.

    Now, I am looking forward for the Round-up of MBD..:)..

  8. Roti Telur is something we love always have it when we go to a Malyasian Place. Thanks for the recipe, hope to try some day

  9. Yummy theplas, Siri! I like the addition of palak and jeera. These make for a great picnic food.:)

  10. @ Rajitha : Thanks for your comments dear.

    @ Sandeepa: Do try them out sandeepa. They were a big hit yesterday when I made them.

    @Tee: Ya tee, the addition of palak, jeera and esp garlic made them real tasty..:D Thanks for visiting gurl..:)

  11. Siri the akki rottis are as soft as chapathis. It takes two three trials before perfecting!

  12. Hi Siri! both types of rotis looks delicious. Great entries dear. Thanks for sharing.

  13. @ Latha aunty: Thanks for the info abt akki roti..and also for visiting my blog regularly..:D

    @ Jyothi: Its my pleasure to participate in such events..:)

  14. Lovely snaps...thanks for sending in these beautiful posts to the event


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