June 29, 2013

[Perfect Sunday Breakfast] Black Current Jam French Toast Recipe

It's Sunday today and we are making french toast. yes, that egg-y bread lightly fried in butter and there are plans to make it even better by topping it with some jam-y goodness. The ingredients that you need to make a french toast are quite simple. I have tried a spicy, savoury version many times before but today's recipe kicks that out of the window to become my hot favorite way to eat breakfast, any day, any time!. 

How do you like your french toast? - sweet or savoury? with fruit or without? with tea or coffee? what is your favorite accompaniment? I am all ears for what you have to say! :-)

...Breakfast is served...


..the ingredients...

..egg beaten, bread ready to be dunked into..

..fry in a dab of butter for that perfect taste..

Black Currant Jam French Toast

Serves 2


couple of slices of bread, brown edges removed, cut into triangles
3 tbsp of jam (any kind) - I used black currant jam
1 tbsp honey
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1.5 tbsp sugar (adjust according to your taste)
a pinch of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
few tbsp of butter


1. In a bowl, whisk together - eggs, milk, sugar, pinch of salt and vanilla extract.

2. On a tava, melt a dab of butter. Dip each bread slices into the egg mixture and fry both sides in butter for 2 mins each side, until browned. Repeat with rest of the bread as well.

3. In a microwave, heat jam and honey together for 1 min, until its hot.

4. Place the french toast on a plate and pour the jam mixture on top. Serve with coffee/tea on the side for a complete meal. 

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  1. love love french toast

  2. Lovely :) We also had french toast as break fast today. With out the jam and honey mixture. Will try it with jam next time :)

  3. Wow awesome..love the twist to the French Toast with the sauce..lovely click s too..first time here..wud love to follow you :)


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