November 25, 2013

[Farmer's Market Series # 2] Madannapet Mandi, Hyderabad (India)

If there is one place bursting with life and something that makes me immensely happy, it is our local vegetable market. By 5 am every single morning, a variety of vegetables pour in from nearby places and vendors setup their stuff at allotted places before the morning rush comes in. This market is called "Madannapet Mandi" and is located in suburbs of Hyderabad.

I love my morning market visits especially with my dad and have been accompanying him since I was a kid. Till today, this is our favorite time together. It was pure fun to walk around with my DSLR in hand the other day and capture few moments. Along the way, the big camera did garner some attention from many curious onlookers and some even asked if I worked for any newspaper. How I wished that was true! :-)

Are you ready to have a peek at a market I have been going every Sunday for the past two and half decades. Scroll down and Enjoy!

Small Eggplants or Gutti Vankaya  (as it called in Telugu) Try this chutney or  Hyderabadi special curry if you have some. 
Some intense bargaining going on!


My dad, choosing the half-ripe tomatoes, so that they survive for the entire week without getting mushy.

Early morning huzz-buzz.

Sometimes I spot a few mangoes and that is when I get super excited. :-)

The Curry Leaf Lady.

Tomatoes, stacked.

Cauliflower anybody?

..fresh green peas..(beware for the artificially colored ones)

Choose what you want..

dry turmeric pods

pulses of your choice

..dried beans..

dried fryums

Hot Red Chillies

Hope you had fun with this virtual photo walk as much I had photographing them. 


until next post,

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  1. Nostalgic.. Weekly vegetable shopping in RaituBazaar! I used to love all that bargaining, crowd and the fresh veggies!

  2. Oh how I wish I could go to Indian right now and visit our local vegetable market. Beautiful pictures, so real. Loved the post.

  3. Wonderful colors! Thank you so much for these spectacular photos :)

  4. That took me back thousands of miles to a familiar place. Thanks for that Siri.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog with such kind words.


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