February 27, 2012

...a disastrous thali encounter and an update on the Fund Drive..

As Thomas Keller aptly said - "Food Should be Fun". Good Food, I mean, which evoke happy, burp-y feelings in your tummy. It could be anything from a simple french toast to very mundane South Indian meals.

Sometime last week we visited a newly opened restaurant called "Aviyal" in Hitech City, Hyderabad for lunch. We ordered their south indian meals as we were in a mood for tamizh food . Except for the ghee-pepper rice (below pic) and yogurt bowl, everything else was a major put off. Oil floating on a red kuzhambu, salty-uncooked okra curry, a watery palak dal, tasteless rasam  - No, nothing such sort appeals to me!. We walked out mid-way and devoured on a cheesy Papa Johns pizza  instead, right below the restaurant.

that is our story with Aviyal.!

Now coming to some amazing news regarding the Fund Drive for Vaidehi Ashram. We raised more than 3 Lakh Rupees in a month's time for the Ashram kiddos.. Isn't that great!

I cannot express in words how happy I am.

I am sure you are too. :-)

Coming to the raffle prize winners, I was supposed to announce them yesterday but few of the donations are currently in pipeline and because every small amount will make a difference to the kids, am waiting for the transactions to go through.

I promise, am going to announce them on  Monday, March 5th and also let you all know how the amount will be disbursed to the Ashram.

A Big Thank You to all 157 generous people who contributed for the cause. A Special Hug all of my amazing blogger friends whose raffle prizes added the fun element to the drive.. :-)

until next time,


  1. Are you living in Hyderabad now? How was the Pizza at PapaJohns? better than Pizza hut?

  2. I shuttle between Bangalore and Hyderabad these days. We both have been Papa Johns pizza from US days. Hence we will be biased for which one is the best :-)


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