March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love ~ Bloggers Day of Silence March 18, 2011

Oh Great God, You alone can ease
The pounding of their troubled hearts
Only with You they are at peace
For You make all their fears depart

Comfort them with your blazing love
And pacify the worried souls
Your grace of love from up above
Is healing love that makes them whole

Cast away all their doubts and fears
And lift their downcast spirits Lord
Please let their hearts be brought to cheer
By your comforting love and Word

Their bodies and minds may be frail
But your healing love keeps them strong
Your love will never ever fail
So to them, nothing will go wrong

~ Author Unknown

For Japan With Love

What happened in Japan because of the deadly earthquake and tsunami is heart-wrenching. and now with the threat of a nuclear meltdown, things are getting worse. 

 In response to the ongoing devastation, Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours have teamed up to collect funds for emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies via Shelterbox. They have also initiated a Bloggers Day of Silence for Friday March 18, 2011 to raise awareness and respect for the people of Japan. All my heart goes to Japan and Every little help matters and every dollar counts. Let us all together try to make a difference and help the nation known for beautiful cherry blossoms rebuild itself and get to normalcy again.

More details about how you can donate - Click here and if you are a blogger who wish to participate in this effort to raise awareness about this cause, details are here.

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  1. Siri,

    indeed its a great tragedy just goes to show how minuscule we are before mother earth, living on one of the most active fault lines this could have been easily us. I will post this on my blog as well.

  2. So true Sreelu. It doesn't matter how well prepared we are for tragic events like this. Not long ago, it was Haiti and now Japan & as you said - tomorrow it could be us. Let us all hope and pray that God give Japan lots of strength to overcome this unfortunate natural disaster.


  3. came to your blog through Nags. Please check my blog

  4. Siri, Hope you are having a busy time packing things. Not able to comment in your 365 blog. Lovely Hawaii pictures. You seemed to have enjoyed the max! And anniversary wishes too :)


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