March 7, 2010

Healing Foods: Avocado - A Roundup

Important Annoncement: As some of you already know, that I am getting married in April 2010. Since I will be able to blog only occasionally until things settle a bit on our side , I am opening up Healing Foods event for you all to host.

You can choose any food item from the below list:

Here is the Healing Foods announcement page and if you are interested to host, please email me the Month you wish to host with the Theme to info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you have Avocado as a theme, one could expect one thing for sure to reign the charts - our beloved Guacamole and - it D.I.D.  It was also so much fun to discover so many new bloggers and their creative ideas, it is the variety that surprised me the most - using avocado from dips to muffins to sorbets to smoothies. I can't express enough how happy I am to receive all these entries for Healing Foods: Avocado. Thank you guys. You rock! :D If you find any entry missing or incorrectly linked, please drop a comment & I will correct it asap :)

..time for roundup of Healing Foods: Avocado event.. Enjoy!

Authentic Mexican Guacamole is everybody's favorite dip. Away from the usual, Madhu has re-created the dish with Indian seasoning as Avocado Chutney!. Yum


Who don't love fried goodies and if you add a healing food like avocado to them, it becomes a 'guilt-free-dish' ;) Isn't it. Beat the chills outside and dig into Ruchika's Avocado Poori.


Who dat! Yes, New Orleans Saints won this year's Super Bowl. For the occassion, Ashaji made her special 'Avocado, Sweet peppers and Corn Guacamole' to go with tortilla chips and other goodies too!. 


Gear yourselves up as you are gonna have a treat to your eyes with the variety to dishes that Priya made with Avocado - Each one of them very different and creative and delicious. Thanks a lot dear :)




Apart from being called as butter-pear, avocado has 20 vitamins and acts as a nutrient booster. Muskaan's post has much more information on goodness of this yummy fruit. She sent the following two entries for this event. :)



She harvest her own herbs - almost in every season. Isn't it wonderful. Graziana made this yummy Avocado Nachos Dip with Coriander :)

When I was 5 years, I didn't even know what a salad meant. Check out the delicious salad that Jaya's 5 year old came up with. So healthy and colorful and she calls it - Healfy Salad :)

Her blog's name says it all - Dreamy Delights and Preethi, the hostess of this blog send two of yummy entries made with avocado :)

Avocado is something which is so versatile that it can be added to any dish - soups, sandwiches, smoothies etc. Just like Apu made this healthy - Avocado & Pepper Salad with Lime Roasted Cumin dressing. :)

Jagruti brought in the goodness of three awesome ingredients - Avocado, Watercress and Mango into one Super Smoothie which is both healthy and appeasing to the eyes!


Say it is peek summer, sultry hot outside. The first thing we wanna have is glass of cool water or buttermilk. Make Latha's Avocado Buttermilk, this time for a change. I am sure it would taste heavenly :).


When I read her post, she very much reminded me of my close friend who has a habit of eating one dish until she gets completely bored. Here I present to you - Cooking Foodie and her Guacamole.


She is a passionate cook originally from India and now residing in UAE. Umm Razeen, of Kitchen Samraj made two no-cook avocado recipes for us.

I love the idea of making a sorbet with Avocado. Wanna know how to make it - check out Nandini's post on Avocado Sorbet, perfect for upcoming summers. :)

Giving our usual rotis (an Indian flat bread) a new twist, Usha sends us her delicious Avocado Rotis, perfect with any side dish. :)


I love Alton Brown's recipes - from his dips to cookies to cakes to breads. He is the master of all. Divya for the first time tried her hand on Guacamole (following his recipe) and also, some yummy Homemade Bean Burritos.



I must say, I was quite surprised when I got this muffin entry from Umm Razeen. I mean using Avocado's in muffins is such a different and neat idea. :).. She also made a beautiful looking Avocado Mayo, a perfect dip for almost everything and anything.

Avacado Mayonnaise


How many times did you see this famous 'Seven Layer Dip' during Super-Bowl parties. It is a very famous and hugely popular dip, best with tortilla chips. Cool Lassie shares her recipe and also couple of other yummy Avocado recipes. :)


Festive Edible Wreath


Adding beans to our very famous Guacamole is such a lovely idea. - which makes it even more healthier and tasty. Swathi wanted to make this dip for Super Bowl with her other fried goodies, but couldn't. Now, she made it especially for us. Thank you dear. :)


What she said is so true, Avocado has no particular taste of its own. Add any seasonings, it will take those flavors - sweet or savory. Try out her 'Avocado Smoothie' which has  milk and sugar, giving it a creamy texture.


Just like Jagruti's little one, I love pasta - for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, any time of the day. It is such a versatile dish and I was so thrilled when she used Avocado in her pesto sauce base. Yum, isn't it? :)


Lastly is my humble entry to the event - Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta, a Latin variation on an Italian platter with an Argetinian sauce.

Are you ready for the next edition of Healing Foods: Spinach. Hop on to Divya's blog for more details.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.



  1. oh oh...See I told ya..I am lousy in this event thing without you...I forgot :( :( I had something v v v special recipe for you :( I went off to the trip without making it...oh well..:(

  2. Awesome roundup Siri!!! So many new recipes here...

  3. Hey Siri,
    It's a great round-up! sure avocado is a versatile fruit!!

  4. Awesome roundup with so many beautiful entries with avocado...I want to host HF for June with capsicum as theme, do let me know..thanks in advance Siri..

  5. Whoa- what creative entries, I especially love the ones where avocado got an Indian touch.

  6. Lovely roundup Siri. So many incredibly interesting avocado recipes in one place.

  7. A little olive oil,kosher salt,a squeeze of lemon and a little sambal are all I nee with my Avocadis.

  8. love the round-up and so many variety of recipes..
    hugs and smiles

  9. Good thing about avocado is that it has a very rich taste and it is very healthy. I love to eat avocado with milk, sugar and ice then mash them all.

    There are also people who mix avocado with herbs and spices. Thank you for the posts.

  10. Lovely medley of sweet recipes...


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