December 27, 2009

Methi Pulao

Andhra Pradesh, the state in India I hail from is sweetly named as 'Rice bowl of India'. We eat rice almost every day and we love it to the fullest...:)..

.... but some unfortunate events ,happening back in my state are threatening the very integrity of it. Some want a separate state called - 'Telangana'..on the sole reason that the region is being neglected and proper funds are not allocated for its development. though the demand for separate state is not new, recent events took a new twist and every day - the first thing I tell my parents, when I call them is 'to be careful' is sad that when politics become pre-dominant, the voice of the people is snubbed and the result of that is ...utter chaos.. I fervently hope things would settle soon, back home and everything comes to its normality.. Do I support this 'separate state'.. Hell No!.. It is so hard for  me to comprehend the thought that my state will be broken into pieces.. It is entirely my opinion & there might be others who totally disagree with me.

....coming back to today's a rice dish ofcourse..'Methi Pulao'..and the recipe is of sindi roommate....we ate this with a spicy eggplant-tomato curry and it was simply heavenly..:) Enjoy.

Methi Pulao (Fenugreek Pulao) [my sindhi rommate's recipe]


1 cup fresh fenugreek leaves
1 cup long-grain basmati rice
1 medium tomato, finely chopped
1 cup vegetables - I used beans, carrots & corn.
2 green chillies, very finely chopped
2 bay leaves
2 cardamom & clove pods
2 tbsp ghee (butter or oil)
1/2 tsp garam masala powder
salt - to taste


1. Clean rice and soak for atleast 15-20 mins.

2. In a pan, heat ghee and drop cloves, cardamom and bay leaves. let them crackle. Add green chillies and tomatoes. Cook until a little mush. then add the rest of veggies. cook until tender.

3. Add methi leaves and cook for 5 mins till it releases the aromatic smell of fenugreek..:). Add rice and fry for couple of minutes. Add 2 cups of water. Season with salt and garam masala. Mix well. Do not cover yet.

4. Let it come to a rolling boil, then cover & cook on medium heat until rice is done.

Optional: Garnish with fried onion and cilantro & serve hot with a spicy side dish.

Heaven! :)

Eggplant-Tomato Curry -

Today is Day Three of the recipe countdown to New Year know what other participants are cooking.. please scroll through the right-hand-side-bar.



  1. Every state is now being broken into even smaller pieces. Shows how clueless our politicians are. I am still on vacation siri. Will b bck on new years. Just have a glance via iPhone hence gave u a comment. Was surprised to see the same name recipe marathon used and hence wanted to inquire. Saw ur mail. Let's discuss it on phone wen I get bck. Will call ya. Yummy rice btw :)

  2. simple and satisfying :)

    I agree with you siri, what if every state requested the same? It would be like how India was before independence..


  3. DK - It feels so good to hear from you babes :).. still vacationing but can't resist blogging huh? Hehehe.. I should let K know about this ;)..give me a call once you are back. Hugs.

    sowjanya - that is exactly what is happening sowjanya. with telangana issue.. others are agitating for 'Gorkhaland' etc etc. no clue what gonna happen tomorrow.

    sonia - thanks sonia :)

  4. Oops! Siri, I just read your reply for Mirchi Ka Salan.. Sorry if you had to change your plans..I've been wanting to try it out for a long time (the first few times, I added lot of ingredients and was not sure about it)..Hope mine was OK and you'd approve it..Waiting to learn the techniques of making a good salan..

    I am from Tamilnadu (howdy neighbor) and I can imagine how they are going to use this issue to separate TN to south arcot, north arcot etc etc., May be I should try fasting too, if I want something from the love of my life :)

  5. I simply cannot imagine Andhra bifurcated--it's very sad to hear how things are turning out back home. Hope everything gets back to normal very soon.
    Methi rice looks delicious.

  6. Simple and delicious, Siri! This is such a nice meal for a week-night dinner ... just perfect!

  7. Yummy... I make a couple of versions of methi pulao:

    Shall try it with the veggies next time.

  8. I had reads many methi pulav versions, yours seem very simple and easy to prepare and it totally looks delectable !!

  9. Lovely rice - interesting idea!

    About the politics, the Telangana issue has now been taken over by the even more disgusting issue of a Geriatric Governor allegedly caught on tape with two women!!! Less said the better about these politicians with their own crooked agendas - and yes the common man figures nowhere on it!

  10. good to see u back blogging actively...simple and delicious pulav recipe.

  11. Sounds and looks delcious.

  12. I am also not in favour of creating small states ..this way it will be all bits and pieces ..this is not what Sardar Patel tried to do when he was on a mission of creating one India and strong India at the time of independence...division is no solution , we have to distribute benefits to each and every one in a state.

    methi pulao looks so good :)
    hugs and smiles

  13. the telengana situation indedd is very disheartening.. :(

    The pulao and the eggplant curry looks awesome!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  14. How have you been Siri? It's been a while since I stopped here. The new layout is really very pleasant. Nice recipe. I have not prepared pulav with methi.

  15. That pulao is definitely a great way to show off the beauty of rice.

    I don't much about the Telangana movement but the fragmentation of states is very painful and hard to understand.

  16. Looks lovely, Siri. And I love the eggplant dish. It's difficult to keep that promise I made to myself -- no shopping until the New Year -- so no eggplant till then! :)


  17. sowjanya - No sowjanya.. what I meant to say was after the stuffed peppers, my next venture will be the classic hyderbadi dish - 'mirchi ka salan'..:)..I will definitely check out yours too..

    pavani - that is exactly how I am feeling right now pavani.. breaking states with pre-text of 'better governance'.. I am not sure how good-a-thing is that.

    nithya - thanks :)

    sheetal kiran - that is true sheetal.. an appetizing meal on any-night-dinner actually..:)

    raaga - I will them all out raaga. thanks for the links.


  18. kanchan - thanks kanchan.. this one is a easy-breezy version of methi pulao.

    miri - there is so much sh*t going on back home, it is not even funny miri.. right from the T issue to the disgusting governor we had.. he is 86 years old for god's sake!!

    sumi - thanks sumi.. this marathon was a nice pre-text for me to get back to active blogging.

    bee - thanks bee.. wishing you and Jai a very happy & prosperous new year 2010.

    s - thanks.


  19. susvaad - thanks..:)

    jaya - what you said is so true jaya.. I wish these politicians gain their senses soon and see what the people are *actually* want..not behave according to their whims & fancies..hugs and smiles to you too dear.

    superchef - yay! good to see you here sc.. how is everything going at your end? Happy new year 2010 to you too dear :)

    madhuram - Hi Madhu, I am doing good and yup, it is been a while that I dropped in at yours too..thanks.. I wanted a festive layout on my blog.. glad you liked make this simple pulao .. you will be hooked just like me. :)

    nupur - thanks nupur. unfortunately, inspired by Telangana movement, *others* too are agitating for a separate state.. it is a chaos down there in hyderabad and I am hoping it will NOT spread to other states too.

    linda - thanks linda. *no shopping till new year?*.. that is one brave resolution linda.. all the very best to that :))


  20. Wishing you all my readers a very Happy and Joyous 2010. May all your dreams and wishes come true and God bless you all.


  21. Siri, Methi Pulao looks Excellent. I was searching for its recipe on saturday. next time, i will try urs.

  22. Great recipe, Siri! I suppose it could be done with dried methi leaves as well?

  23. MOS - Haven't tried with just dry methi yet. I think a combination of both fresh and dry would work best. :-)


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