December 30, 2009

2-minute Pineapple Dessert

First of all, this post was supposed to be for yesterday (I am cheating my publishing this on yesterday's date ;))... I couldn't publish on time as my system got malware and am still in the process of cleaning it. I have borrowed my friend's laptop.. so that I can quickly hit 'Publish'....:)

..I am so glad, finally I am able to share this easy-peasy dessert with all of you, which I learnt from one of my office colleagues, V. It has no cooking involved and trust me, the taste is mouth-watery. This is her signature dish for almost every pot-luck at our office and we eagerly wait for it, every single time. Yesterday, it was time to take the plunge & create my own. I stayed true to most of the recipe, but to add the touch of saffron was my idea. I love this queen of spices - as DK says 'the stylish and regal spice of all'..

.. do give this recipe a try and you will be pleasantly surprised with it results.. just like I did, when tasted for the first time..

2-minute Pineapple dessert (Adapted from my office colleague, V)


1.5 cups (canned) crushed pineapple [in 100% pineapple juice]
1 cup fat-free condensed milk [Update: I used sweetened condensed milk]
1 cup light whipped cream
few saffron threads, dissolved in a tbsp of hot water


In a large bowl, mix crushed pineapple, condensed milk and whipped cream. Whisk the ingredients rigoursly so that there are no lumps. Add dissolved saffron and stir well. Chill for atleast 3 hours. Serve.

I am sending this as an entry to DK's JFI:Saffron. :)

Today is Day Six in our recipe countdown to New Year...only one more to go.. Yeh!! 2010..we are almost there....

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  1. Truly easy-peasy and delicious recipe. Loved the ingredients you used here. :)

  2. easy one to remember..and make..

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year Siri.

  3. Very quick dessert, indeed.
    Happy 2010.

  4. Bookmarked to try ASAP! I love easy desserts and have a can of crushed pineapple ( from my Son's 1st b'day ) sitting!

  5. Easy and yummy ... that's exactly my mantra too!

    It has been so lovely running alongside you in this marathon ... I hope to share in many more events with you, over this brand new year!

    Wish you a very, very Happy New Year!

  6. Sometimes less is more...Simple and Delicious!Happy New Year!

  7. I have some fresh pineapple at home will try this soon.
    Happy new year

  8. IS this the same on?Loved it then..

  9. That's truly easy - even if you have to whip the cream.

  10. looks yummy wish u great yr ahead,..

  11. Prepared this twice already (infact the same day u posted it!) and everybody who has tasted it likes it. Thankyou for posting and thanks to ur colleague for this recipe idea!

  12. Wow thats so simple and I am sure a winner dessert!

  13. Its me again:-) One doubt..did u use sweetened condensed milk or non sweetenend?


  14. Nilu: Thanks dear. I am so glad you liked the recipe & it was a hit :)

    Parita: I used fat-free sweetened condensed milk. Thanks for pointing it out. I will update the post.


  15. This is really a Quick and Easy recipe.. I guess TH will like it of course he is an ardent lover of pineapple..

  16. I could not find light whipping cream in my area grocery store. Do you use can of instant light whipping cream?
    I used light cream and this turned out a littte loose like "dudhpaak" or "basundi" NC

  17. Nimisha - I haven't personally used any instant light whipping cream and not sure how good would it taste. light cream has not much body as whipping cream so it will turn out to be a little loose as you said. :-)

  18. Looks yummy! Do you add the pineapple juice as well?

    1. Hi Divyangi, Thanks for dropping by! Sometimes I do add the pineapple juice as well depending on how sweet I want the dessert to be. :-)


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