January 20, 2009

AFAM: Apricot Roundup

A 'precious' fruit (Apricot) was the theme of AFAM: December edition and I am pleased to present some innovative and yummy recipes for the roundup in the form of 2-line 'limericks'.

Disclaimer: Any reference to persons living or dead is purely unintentional and the main motive is just 'Fun' & 'Humour'

...and here they are.....................................................

Hey DK, I say - Don't wait! start selling your Pluot Jam,
Be rest assured, you'll beat Raju's earnings from Satyam scam... ;)

Next entry is from Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures,
Her Apricot Marzipan bundle is truly a bundle of pleasures.

Cham's made Apricot yogurt at her Spice club,
Taste it and you'll find yourself finishing tub after tub..

Check out budding blogger Sindhura's Khubani ka Meetha at Bay Leaf,
This recipe is as inspiring and colorful as a coral reef.

Soma Rathore brings to us her yummy Apricot chutney,
If Apricot & Jalapeno are a couple, its anybody's guess whoz the pati and patni.. *wink*

Rekha whips up a colorful Apricot Roll,
Make it and I am sure it will fill your belly and soul..:)

Yasmeen's Apricot trifle at Health nut,
It looks so beautiful & royal, befitting none less than King Tut.

Check out Ramki's 10 simple no-cook apricot recipes at One page cookbooks,
Don't miss his blog, for there are thousands of other easy tricks.

Priya sent us two entries - Christmas Fruits & Nuts Savarin Cake and Apricot Pannacotta,
These could easily find their way into the daily menu of Ambanis and Tata. ;)

Next is Jude's yummy Fruit and Spice Cake,
This is so simple & delicious, that you could definitely daily make. :)

Last but not the least is Lubna's scrumptious Qubani ka Meetha at her -Yummy Food.
Oh! what a dessert to serve on a snowy evening to set up your mood.

Coming up: RCI: Awadhi cuisine Roundup.



  1. hahahahahahahaha! I laughed for complete 10 min after reading it!

    And I have a special reason all the more to it and I am darned curious about how the heck "u-know-who" managed to associate Raju's name with it..I used to work at Ramco system as an analyst programmer at one time the Ceo of which married off his daughter to Raju's kandan! ;-) ;-)

  2. Wonderful food! pati & patni.. Hmmm I want to be the apricot but i am more of a jalapeno:-) LOL

  3. Great round-up!! I haven't cooked much w/ apricots.... These pictures are tempting me to try atleast a couple of them! thanx so much :)

  4. wow great roundup siri nice to see you in my blog after a long time waiting for next roundup

  5. How r u?
    Great round-up Dear and thank you so much :)

  6. Wow awesome, delish and indeed yummy roundup. Love the presntation. Three cheers for you dear.

  7. Thankyou for hoting the event.
    Roundup looks so yumm.
    All those delicious desserts. yummy

  8. Haha daily menu of ambanis n tata, cant stop blushing.. awesome round up.. Waiting to see Awadhi roundup now...

  9. What a gorgeous looking round up and post, Siri, good one. I missed it but will catch up with AFAM!:)

  10. awaome round up... I have never tried anything with apricot... Mouthwatering dishes...

  11. love the recipes with apricot! What a nice round up:-) Great event too, unfortunately I missed...

  12. I never knew you could do so much with apricots. Lovely roundup - I love your style

  13. Thats an awesome round up siri..as simran says, never knew one can make so many...but then our friends are real innovative girls!..and that dig was really funnyy...hhehehehe

  14. Thanks for making a delicious and witty round up ,siri:)

  15. Wonderful roundup...enjoyed reading your intro to each dish :-)

  16. sorry, I missed this event because i dont have any food with apricot.
    Any now I know more with apricot. Thankyou siri for that.


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