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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

CLICK - 'Love is in the Air'

Note: click the images for an enlarged view.

Click 1:

*Love is in the Air*

'So wrapped in each other
can hear no other sound
These eyes see only you
sweetest love I've ever found

I think of you each day
my mind is set on you
You bring the best in me
with the sweet things you do..'

- Anonymous

Click 2:

Click 3:

Folks, I am in a kind of dilemma, which one to send for CLICK..first, second or the third?.. Hmmmm, if u were given a choice to make, which one would u choose as 'THE BEST!'.....Let me know..

EDIT: The second pic is my entry to J&B's CLICK:METAL event..:D

Camera Details:

Model: Canon PowerShot A530
Aperture : f/2.6
Focal length : 5.8mm
Mode: Macro

- Siri


  1. Beautiful! Almost Spring now, very romantic!:)

    I like colors, so I would send the second photo! Enjoy Siri, see you in May.
    I have one more post to go at Aroma, that's about it for me, looking forward to see the Ocean!:)

  2. Hi Siri, I loved the second one :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and [articipating in the guessing game, hope to see you around :)

  3. I agree with Asha and Roopa- I'd go with the second picture too.

  4. Wonderful click Siri :).
    Kudos to oyu for such neat idea of click metal :)

  5. Hi Siri,
    I Love the second one for click. I feel the 2 others are little blur. It is really a romantic click, dear :).

  6. Lovely photography Siri! Its so cute!

  7. Definitely the second one....cute idea :o)

  8. Siri,romantic click! I vote # 2!


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