February 28, 2015

{Event Announcement} My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) 81 [Last Date: March 31st 2015]

After almost 2 years, I am super kicked to announce that my favorite food event of all - My Legume Love Affair will be hosted here for the month of March 2015. Now, its time to rock and roll again, to celebrate the goodness and versatility of our dear legumes. Rules are pretty much the same and once your recipe is posted, add the link using the Linky tool attached to the end of this post.. Non-bloggers can participate too. Details inside.

Get those aprons ready to cook some delicious legumes all month along!. I am waiting. :-)

Some simple rules of participation:

1. Only recipes where a legume is the star ingredient are to be sent.  Use of the above MLLA logo is appreciated.

In French, a legume denotes any vegetable but here we are talking about legume in its widely accepted or known meaning as in beans, lentils or pulses. Just to give you an idea of what should be considered as legumes for this event - lentils, any fresh or dried beans, soy beans and their derivatives like tofu, garbanzo beans / chickpeas and their derivatives like besan, tamarind, fenugreek, carob and peanuts etc.

2. Entries must be vegetarian (eggs and dairy products are allowed). Only 1 entry will be accepted per blogger/participant.

3. You may submit any recipe featuring lentils provided you have posted it on your blog between the 1st and the 31st March 2015 (both dates included). You can re-post old posts provided you re-post that recipe this month and update it to include the necessary links to qualify for participation.

4. Your MLLA post should mention the phrase "My Legume Love Affair" and contain links to this announcement post, Lisa's page and to Susan’s page (original creator of MLLA). Linking their blogs is one small way to show our appreciation to these lovely ladies who are tirelessly working towards continuity of this amazing event. :-)

5. Add your blog URL to the Linky too at the end of this post. I will post a roundup featuring each recipe in the first week of April 2015.

6. Non-bloggers can also participate by sending their recipe details to info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com. I will include them in the final roundup post.


Add your entries below:


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until next recipe,


  1. Hi Siri. I have a recipe for you (how's that for being efficient? ;) However, the linky tool appears to be unavailable. Maybe I am too early, but just in case I wanted to let you know. I am in no rush, of course.

  2. Hi Siri,

    Thanks for hosting MLLA, which gives blogger the chance to share the recipes of lentils.

    I have linked "Lentil stuffed bell pepper", I hope you will like it.


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